Raffle Time!

It’s raffle time again!

In appreciation for the joys I get from knitting and helping people knit, I’d like to give away one of my books.

Tell me which title you’d like to win and why, and I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a free copy. You can find all of my titles on at annbuddknits.com — click on books.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, March 17.



69 thoughts on “Raffle Time!”

  1. I would love the Sock Knitting Master Class. I’ve been knitting socks for a few years. I’d like to challenge myself with some new techniques and patterns!

  2. Pamela Sikowitz

    My book – Getting Started Knitting Socks – has been well loved and is only a rubberbanded collection of pages between the dog eared covers. I would welcome a new book to use!

  3. I would love The Knitter’s handbook. I have your series with Pam Allen and they’re amount my favorites.

  4. I’d love to receive the book “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns.” Right now, my favorite item to knit is sweaters – I want to make them all! I have the top down sweater book and love it!

  5. I would love to win the Book – Knitter’s Handbook for Top-Down Sweaters. It is truly inspirational. One day I hope to be able to afford to go to one of your workshops/retreats. Thank you for the opportunity.

  6. I enjoy all of your books. I don’t have Sock Knitting Master Class. It looks like it would round out my other books from you.

  7. pamela greenleaf

    I would like to win “top down sweaters”. It would be so informative to understand the basic premise with your easy to read directions. All the patterns I see start with top down, but they often leave omit simple directions as if I understood what they are trying to accomplish. I would really enjoy being able to understand the missing ingredients. Thanks so much for your generosity.

  8. I’d really like to add New Directions in Sock Knitting to my library. I already have two of your sock knitting books and have made most of the patterns in them – many of them more than once. New Directions in Sock Knitting looks like it would be fun, and would stretch my skills! Thanks for the opportunity to try to acquire a copy.

  9. I would love to win a copy of Wrap Style. I was flipping through a copy from the library and love the patterns and the information about designing is really thorough.

  10. Would love the sock knitting master because learning more and more about sock knitting. Enjoy your patterns I be seen

  11. Meryle Greenberg

    I would love a copy of top down sweaters. I just started making top down sweaters and would love your book.

  12. Janette Schumacher

    Sock Knitting Master Class – I have been reluctant to knit socks and this can be the book to give me the confidence to make a pair that fits!

  13. I would love to receive Color Time. My goal for knitting this year is to learn how to do color work.

  14. Susan Scholfield

    Top down sweaters please as this is the missing book in my Ann Budd collection.
    Thank You

  15. My choice would be “New Directions in Sock Knitting” as I am an avid sock knitter who is always looking for a different way to do things.

  16. UpI would love to win Simple Style. I have your three “handy guide“ books and use them often!

  17. The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns looks to be just what I need as I enter my 2nd year of knitting and have a lot to learn about gauge and yarn weight. With this new hobby, I have created over 100 hats for charity. Thankfully noggins come in all sizes, so even my mis-sized hats fit someone!


    Definitely The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters. I so want to make a sweater! I love the other books of yours that I have and believe that the top-down book would be an excellent guide to take me through the process and be successful.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Liesbeth van Appeven

    I’m Liesbeth and would love to win the book “top down sweaters”. I just started knitting with the top down techniek and love to learn more of it.
    Fare is fare, i have to tel you that i’am Dutch. So if I should win, the book has to travel a far end.

  20. Oh my, how to choose? The knitters handy book of top down sweaters Calls to me. I am working on a top down sweater and your guide would be great.

  21. I would love “Sock Knitting Master Class”. I am just starting to knit socks and recently purchased your “Getting Started Knitting Socks” and I think this book will take me a step forward to perfecting the next level of my sock knitting.

  22. I would love to have The Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. I want to start knitting sweaters and this book would be a big help. Thank your for the opportunity to win.

  23. This is a tough one! I have used my Ann Budd books extensively so should I replace a worn out one or get one I don’t have. Coin Flip: I think I will go with one I don’t have. Wrap Style Please!

  24. I would love to win The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters because Suzanne Bryan recommends this book for use with a sweater- knitting tutorial pattern she teaches online. Suzanne Bryan taught me to knit and I learned about you from Suzanne! With this book and the tutorial pattern I purchased I plan to knit my first sweater. 🙂

  25. Hi, Ann! Knitted Gifts. We recently moved to a climate where handknits are wanted and used. With a new grandbaby on the way, knitted gifts are in need and wanted by all the immediate family. Time to start working on Holiday 2020 gifting.

  26. Knitted Gifts stands out to me. I love to gift my knitting but I would like to “up my game.” This book could help me with that.

    Thank you ☺️

  27. I’m virtually “throwing my cardi “ in for The Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. Thanks for this generous giveaway Ann! Missing all the Boulder knitters…

  28. Heather Beasley

    I am reading through your book , “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters” that I picked up from the library. I soooooo want this book! What amazing information in it and I love how you gave all the charts for different gauges of yarn. It’s PHENOMENAL.

  29. Hi Ann! Besides ALL OF THEM :)…. I would love a copy of your top down sweater book. The owner of the woolly thistle has been talking about it a lot lately and it sounds like a masterpiece.

  30. I would love the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns! Thanks for all you have taught me 🙂

  31. I covet a copy of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters! I borrowed a copy from my local library but had to return it too quickly!

  32. Mary Jo Webber

    I would love “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters”. I have the “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweaters” and this would round out the set!

  33. Hi – It was a hard decision but I’d choose New Directions in Sock Knitting. I’ve been knitting for a few years but have only recently tackled socks.

  34. I would like Simple Style. I already have “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters” and “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns”. Both of which I refer to often! Thank you!

  35. Thank you for this giveaway. I own several of your books, but none of the sock books. If I win, I would like any of those books.

  36. I’d like to win sock knitting master class because I am taking a sock class with you in Savannah!

  37. I’d love to win Scarf Style 2, so I can knit something unique for each of the girls on my “Girls on the Run” team. These 3-5th graders train their hearts out, but often lack any winter accessories. You designs would keep them feeling warm – and beautiful.

  38. I have several of your books already, but Lace Style would be a great addition to my knitting book collection. Thanks!

  39. Thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to receive “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns.” I’ve been on a sweater kick lately and this would be really helpful.

  40. I already have a few of your books – so which one to pick – I would say either Socks Master Class or Color Knitting. Thanks for this opportunity. I am sure that you had a great time at the retreat in Port Townsend this past weekend. I really wanted to attend, but the logistics of getting there for me got in the way.

  41. Hi Ann,

    I think my choice is the handy book of yarn requirements for knitters.

    I enjoy your blog very much and some day I’ll get to one of your retreats .

    Thank you for all you do for knitters!

  42. If I am lucky enough to win, I’d like the Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. I just purchased the Top Down Sweater Patterns, and i like that the basics are there as a starting point. I can add the spicy details!

  43. I would love The Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns because I want to know what I don’t know before I knit another sweater. I swatched and prayed it would work, but the pattern was not that clear and I still have to finish the sleeves. I want to make something that will flatter my figure but also be easy to knit.

  44. I first had to check my library for all of your books that I already have! The one missing that I would love is “Knitted Gifts”. I’m always looking for ideas for holiday gifts and this book looks perfect. Thanks for the generous offer.

  45. I would love to have COLOR STYLE. I am ready to jump into colorwork. Thank you for the opportunity to try and Winn a copy.

  46. I would like the The Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters. I have most of the others and have used them multiple times.

  47. I would love The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. Thank you so much for such an awesome give-away Ann!

  48. I can not ask, in good conscience, because I’m sure someone else needs one of you books more than I do. So good luck to everyone else!

  49. I would love the top down sweater book to hopefully help me to knit my first sweater this year! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  50. Color Style
    I have so many of your books and find them informative and educational. This year I am working on my colorwork and hope this would be helpful. LuAnne

  51. Elizabeth Gross

    I’d love the Handy Book of Top-Down Sweater Patterns. I love to make top-down cardigans for friends who are expecting.

  52. I’d like The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters, I love knitting and I want to teach here in my Country (Uruguay) This book will be a very good help.
    Thankyou for the oportunity.

  53. I’d like New Directions in Sock Knitting. There’s a bunch of very interesting constructions in there. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. I’d choose Getting Started Knitting Socks, because that’s exactly what I hope to do this year! I’ve been knitting for a long time, and just recently decided that I’d like to try socks.

  55. Hi, Ann. How nice of you to offer a free book! I love to gift knitted items and would appreciate the ideas and inspiration of your Knitted Gifts book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. I would definitely go with Getting Started Knitting Socks. I just purchased a skein of sock yarn for my friend who wants to try sock knitting. Having your book as a guide would be awesome!

  57. I have some of your books now and especially like the top down sweaters. I would lo be the recipient of the sock Knitter’s Master Class.

  58. I would love The Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters. Thanks for the opportunity to “snag” a new book.

  59. i would love /sock-knitting-master-class book, always looking for new stuff to challenge me. thx for having a contest

  60. I would love to own the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. Thank you for your generosity in helping all of us become better knitters!!

  61. Scarf Style 2 would be a delight for me to own. Why? 1. Because I don’t have it.
    2. Because an old lady never has too many scarves. 3. Even if an old knitting lady has too many scarves they make wonderful gifts for others.
    Thanks, Ann for offering this raffle!

  62. Lesley Barnewall

    I do have most of your books but I haven’t got ‘The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns’, which would be really helpful right now as I am just about to get into this knitting garments. Thankyou so much for offering this chance to win a book.

  63. How absolutely generous!

    I would love to become a better colorwork knitter and can imagine that you will have amazing tips in your book, Color Style! I am fortunate to have a few other books in my knitting library authored by you and have learned ever so much!

  64. This is awesome, after meeting you and seeing your work, I would love to have the handy book of sweaters.

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