The Great Northwest

It seems as though it’s been a particularly hot summer this year. However, I got a 12-day break when my husband and I visited friends and family on the Olympic Penninsula of Washington state. I’m not one to take a lot of photos (I don’t like experiencing a vacation through the lens of a camera), but I did manage to get a few representative shots.

We spent a week in rental house on a hill outside of Sequim. The view from the front porch was spectacular when we arrived. Unfortunately, the clouds settled in and many of our subsequent “views” were revealed only on posted signs throughout Olympic National Park.











We spent several days exploring the Hoh Rain Forest where the trees loomed large and moss covered most every surface. With all the vegetation and low clouds, it was serenely peaceful and surreal. I highly recommend hiking a rainforest during a gentle rain. But keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for bears. We spotted a mother and cub just yards off the trail!