My Top 10 Knitting Tools

Like a lot of knitters, I’ve become enamored with certain tools. Whenever I travel, whether it’s across town or across an ocean, there are a few that I’m always sure to pack.

When it comes time to check my gauge, I can’t live without the Susan Bates Knit Check that my mother gave me more years ago than I can remember. The L-shaped window in the stiff metal strip makes it easy to count stitches and rows and over 2″.

I’m also partial to my transparent Handy Gauge Ruler that features images of stitches in gauges from 4 to 9 stitches/inch in 1/2-stitch per inch increments. It’s a quick and easy way to tell if I’m maintaining gauge throughout a project. Look for one at your local yarn shop.

To hold pieces together when I’m seaming, I haven’t found anything that work as well as Pointed Roller Picks. Who knew that those torturous brush hair roller pins would become one of my favorite tools! Last time I checked, they’re still available from The Vermont County Store.

I’m lost without Safety-Pin Markers. My favorites are the small plastic ones. I use them to mark individual stitches, hold dropped stitches, and mark every 20th row to make sure my pieces (body, sleeves, socks) are the same length.

I won’t work any complicated stitch pattern without Closed-Ring Stitch Markers. I like any type that doesn’t dangle, but my favorite are rounded rubber and coated metal. Assorted colors are a bonus!

I’ve also gotten a bit particular about how I keep stitches from falling off the needles while in transport (or when I’ve put a project down for any length of time). yarn

To secure stitches and prevent sharp points from inadvertently stabbing me, I like to slide a Knitter’s Pride DPN Tube over my works in progress.

Similarly, I poke my circular needles into a Needle Keeper to prevent stitches from falling off and to prevent the tips of the needles from poking through my knitting bag. They come in lots of bright colors!

I like to wind my yarn into center-pull balls that don’t roll around as I knit. I tuck the ball into a Yarn Soxx to keep the yarn clean and prevent the ball from collapsing on itself. Sure, I could cut a section from worn-out tights, but the cozy looks so much better!

Finally, I love all my sets of Interchangeable Needles. They offer dozens of needle configurations in one tidy case. My current favorite is the Hiya Hiya Sharp Deluxe Limited Edition set that includes tips from size 2 (2.75 mm) to 15 (10 mm) and all the accruements.

Needless to say, no self-respecting knitter would caught without an assortment of Project and Notion Bags. My favorites have zippers. I’ve collected many more than I need because I’m forever seduced by new and unusual fabrics.  The bags shown here are by, clockwise from upper right, Fat Squirrel, Suburban Stitcher, Magic Junie Sews, and Jan B Smiley.

I’d love to hear about *your* favorite notions and tools! Perhaps I’m missing something else I “must” have.

5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Knitting Tools”

  1. In my knitting bag, I always have a pad of sticky notes with a pen/pencil and I also carry a small scale to weight my yarn.

  2. A row counter on a ribbon to go around my neck…..talking + knitting = forget what row I’m on 🙂

  3. I have an inexpensive little scale for weighing my yarn. It helps so much in deciding how many more rows I can do, or if I have enough for the project in mind.
    I usually weigh each skein before I start, and I weigh what’s left over. Both things get recorded on my project page on Ravelry. That way I’m also helping others know how many yards/grams they’ll need to make a particular pattern.

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