A Very Good Book!

When Beth Brown-Reinsel wrote the first edition of Knitting Ganseys twenty-five years ago, I was on the editorial staff at Interweave Press. Hers was the first book manuscript I had the pleasure of reading. I was so taken with the traditional designs that I quickly used her clear instructions and design guidelines to design a gansey for my one-year-old son. Fast-forward twenty-five years and Beth and I have become good friends and that son is now living on his own.

I can’t emphasize how delighted I was to learn that Beth was working on a revised and updated edition of that book, titled Knitting Ganseys: Techniques and Patterns for Traditional Sweaters (published by Interweave Press; ISBN: 978-1-63250-616-0; $29.95).

I received a review copy in the mail and I’m pleased to say that I’m not disappointed. The new hardcover edition is bigger and brighter—color photos replace all but the historic black-and-white images in the original.

Like the original, the updated edition includes detailed step-by-step instructions for knitting a miniature sweater that incorporates all of the components of a traditional gansey, along with guidelines for expanding the instructions for full-size garments. The book also includes blank schematics and worksheets along with detailed information on sizing. Beth makes it surprisingly easy to take inspiration from the multitude of charted stitch patterns and design variations to create your own version of this old-world classic.

If you’re not up to designing your own, choose one of the nine projects included in the revised edition. You may recognize variations of four of the six designs in the original book, two of which feature expanded sizes. However, this edition also includes five completely new designs. From simple to intricate, clear step-by-step instructions ensure success from cast-on to finishing.

Even if, like me, you have the original edition of Knitting Ganseys, you’ll welcome the fresh layout, clear photos, worksheets, sizing information, and design inspiration in the revised and updated edition.

Generous as ever, Beth sent me a copy of Knitting Ganseys: Techniques and Patterns for Traditional Sweaters to raffle off on my blog. Respond to this post by telling me that you’d like to knit a gansey and I’ll enter your name in a drawing for the free copy. I’ll announce a winner Monday, October 1.

You can get an autographed copy if you order directly from Beth’s website at https://knittingtraditions.com/product/the-new-knitting-ganseys-2/

52 thoughts on “A Very Good Book!”

  1. I love knitting books that delve in history to introduce the actual patterns, so I would relish this one. And the snakes and ladders gansey would be the 1st in my knitting queue.

  2. I would love a copy of this book – my brother in law is originally from Barra off the coast of Scotland, he comes from a family of fishermen, and I would really like to make one of these for my sister as a nice surprise

  3. I had a class with Beth in the mid 90’s. I loved knitting the little model. I would love to knit another gainsay.

  4. This inspires me to knit my first Gansey Sweater! going to Rhinebeck soon and would love to find some appropriate yarn for my first endeavor.

  5. This inspires me to knit my first Gansey Sweater! going to Rhinebeck soon and would love to find some appropriate yarn for my first endeavor.

  6. I am back knitting since I have retired. I love your blog!! I would love to knit a gainsay sweater. Keep the inspiration coming!!

  7. I love knitting. Sweaters have been my challenge, the cost, the commitment, and so far my finished product has left me barely confident in this area. I would love to have this book. Thanks for the giveaway. Hoping this would be the magical trick!

  8. As my knitting knowledge grows, there is so much more to learn & a Gansey Sweater is knit from this book would be awesome. We need to keep this skill & it’s history alive for future generations!

  9. I’d love to knit a Gansey – and the idea of continuing the tradition of knitting for your child… who may grow up to knit something for their child from the book… it sounds wonderful!

  10. After stranded color knitting I love knitting cables and the like. I would love to read her tips on designing a custom sweater. This book sounds like it needs to be in my library.

  11. I adore the stitch variations on ganseys and would love to knit one! Thanks to both you and Beth for offering the give-away copy of her book.

  12. I would love to try knitting a gansey sweater, I’ve knit a pair of socks designed from the gansey patterns but I think a sweater would be interesting. Plus I just love knitting books.

  13. I’ve wanted to knit a gainsay for a long time and would love the new book with it’s sizing information, etc.

  14. I would love this book. My husband is bigger than the average bear and there are rarely patterns written for his height and breadth so instructions on how to design a gansey would be a godsend….

  15. I’ve knit Gansey socks and one Gansey sweater, but it was years ago after a class my local guild organized with Beth! It’s high time to knit another.p, maybe for me this time.

  16. I love the idea of the Gansey – I think I would be able to do it more easily than the Aran designs, and would love to win a copy of the book so I can start on a new sweater…thanks for the chance!

  17. Last time I knit a gansey it was for my son (also). He was about 9-10. Now to knit him one would be a totally different proposition size wise.

  18. Beautiful! I would love to try to knit a gansey sweater, and this sounds like a book that make that attempt successful.

  19. I would love to try to knit a gansey sweater, and this sounds like a book that make that attempt successful!

  20. I’d be tickled to win this book. I met Beth years ago, before I understood who she was. Now that I know of her talents, it would be a treat to explore her new edition and knit one of her designs!

  21. Hi Ann,
    Please count me in on this raffle. Not sure what a Gansey sweater is, but this book sounds like it will be enlightening. Thanks for making this opportunity available.

  22. I made my husband a gansey, and have yarn to knit myself one too. I want to knit a gansey, this time for me! I just need to find the time. Let me know if you have any spare to lend me!

  23. I have knitted a couple of Gansey style sweaters over the years but this book would give me a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the traditional patterns and style.

  24. Ganesh style sweaters never age. The design always looks crisp and modern. They are great to knit because there is something going on all the time. You never have a moment to lose interest

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