How Does a Square Sock Fit?

Since I posted my completed my version of Nicola Susen’s Square Socks from New Directions in Sock Knitting, I’ve received a lot of questions about how the sock fits.

I have to admit that I didn’t take time to knit a gauge swatch (I can’t believe I’m admitting this!) and these are a little too big for me. I’m confident that I’ll find the perfect feet someday.

Here are a few images of the socks on my feet. They are surprisingly comfortable, given the unusual construction. The slanted bind-off at the top of the leg evens out greatly when the sock is on a foot. The only issue might be the circular starting point at the ball of the foot. People with sensitive soles may find it uncomfortable.














Hmm, I wonder which socks I’ll knit next…

2 thoughts on “How Does a Square Sock Fit?”

  1. Those look amazing! Love the yarn color, but the seam on the top of the toe would be problematic for me, I think. I have fibro and sensitive toes! Fun construction though!

  2. Fit and comfort are always questions for me, as well. I have traditional cuff-down socks with flap and gusset heel nailed, for all the members of my family. And from that, I was able to reverse-engineer toe-up socks, again with flap and gusset heels. I’ve also come up with numbers that work for short-row heels and afterthought heels, but at least for me, they aren’t as comfortable as flap and gusset heels, and without the reinforcement provided by the slipped stitches in the heel flap, they don’t last as long and thus aren’t my favorite. I also try to keep the toes simple, and avoid cabling on the feet of socks. While I love looking at these alternate construction methods, and greatly enjoy them from a theoretical perspective, I wonder about how the fit and durability will compare to my tried-and-true cuff-down socks.

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