More Big Old Coat

I’m pleased to say that I’m making progress on my version of Joji Locatelli’s Big Old Coat.

After working the back downward from the back collar, I picked up stitches for the fronts along the shoulder cast-on edges and worked them downward as well, including the ribbed collar as I went. Both the back and fronts ended with a little armhole shaping for a better fit.

I’ve now joined the back and fronts and am working my way to the hem. I’ve placed markers to alert me when the pattern changes from the body to the collar and to identify the side “seam” stitches.

Because the Sweet Fiber yarn I’m using is hand dyed, I’m alternating between two balls every two rows. I’m changing at the left side “seam” so that the ball changes don’t interfere with the center front edge.

The only adjustment I’ve made to the pattern is to work the side “seam” stitches in reverse stockinette stitch (appear as purls on the right side) instead of the slipped knit stitch specified in the pattern.

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