Good Kitty

As many of you know, I inherited my parents’ cat Lily last spring. Lily is a warm affectionate soul that loves company. The problem has been that she won’t let me clip her claws, which has wrecked havoc on my furniture and skin. I posted about the problem a few months ago.


I’ve taken everyone’s suggestions to heart and have been giving her lots of love, petting and brushing her every day, and giving her catnip several times a week. I put double-stick tape on the arms of the furniture and bought different types of clippers for her nails.

‘m now delighted to report that while she slept next to me the other night, I was able to gently lift a paw and clip a nail. She didn’t flinch. I clipped another. Still, she remained calm. I clipped all the claws on one foot, then the other! Then I clipped every claw on each of her back paws. She was awake but at peace and didn’t put up any kind of fight. I even went back and snipped a little more off one of her front paws before she quietly rolled over.

Thank you all for your excellent suggestions and encouragement.

She still loves me and stays close in her bed under my desk.

7 thoughts on “Good Kitty”

  1. Mary ^..^ ^..^

    Oh, such a lovely story to read first thing this AM. What a lovely reflection on your relationship w/Lily ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m glad you found a peaceful solution! Mine would have been to take her to the vet and let them do it. She probably hates her carrier and I’m sure a vet pedicure would be costly. Happy for you!

  3. Sherry Pebworth

    Whew! How great that you found a solution! My husband and I have given up trying to trim our dog’s claws ourselves. Dee Jochen–I know what you mean about vet pedicure costs! I suggest that you look into grooming shops. They may charge less than vet practices, and you cat might be calmer and not associate you with claw trimming.

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