Swatching for Skirts

A few weeks ago I asked which of two skirt projects I should knit first: Blue Moon Socks That Rock in the Antiquated System colorway (left) or Shibui Cima and Pebble in the Fjord colorway (right).









The responses were pretty evenly split and I couldn’t bring myself to make a choice. I decided that if I swatched both I might have an easier time deciding which to knit first.

To begin, I wound the yarn into balls. Because I was afraid that the hand-dyed Blue Moon yarn might form color pools or stripes, I plan to alternate skeins as I knit. I wound three skeins each into two balls and tied small knots in the ends to indicate Skein 1, Skein 2, and Skein 3. I’ll alternate one round each of Skein 1 and Skein 2, then Skein 2 and Skein 3, then Skein 3 and Skein 1, and so on. It’s a little more trouble, but is the best way I know to even out any color inconsistencies.









I also wound the two Shibui yarns. I don’t have to worry about color inconsistencies in this commercial yarn, but I will be holding one strand each of Cima and Pebble together when I knit.

Then I swatched. I hesitate to show the swatches because they are so much smaller than I recommend in my classes. However, I’ve knitted with both yarns before and have a good feel for my gauge.

I’m getting 6 stitches/inch on size US 4 (3.5 mm) needles with the Shibui combo. That’s close to the gauge I got for Traveling Pleats, so I plan to follow the numbers in that pattern but add a new stitch pattern in the pleats.

I’m getting 7 stitches/inch on size US 3 (3.25 mm) needles with the Blue Moon yarn. I’m going to make modifications to Putting On The Pleats  to allow for the difference between my gauge of 7 stitches/inch and the pattern’s gauge of 7.5 stitches/inch.

Because I love the way all the yarns feel in my hands, I’ve decided to cast on both skirts and work them simultaneously. That’s a bit of a stretch for this monogamous knitter. Want to place any bets on which I finish first?