Every Little Bit Helps

Between the fires, floods, and fierce weather, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, lost their homes, or worse. It’s hard to keep up with the devastation.

To help with the relief effort, I am putting all of my Ravelry patterns on sale for 25% off for the next week and will donate ALL of the proceeds to The American Red Cross. That’s right, the money I receive for the purchase of any of my patterns on Ravelry through Wednesday, September 20, will be donated to help those in need.

Just think, those socks, that sweater or skirt, or the scarf or shawl you may knit for a holiday gift this winter will also contribute to disaster relief. Please help.

3 thoughts on “Every Little Bit Helps”

  1. Ann Budd,
    This action on your part is STELLAR!!! Now I’ll do my part and purchase some of your beautiful designs. Thank you so much.
    You are definitely “paying it forward”!!!

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