Smokey ZickZacks–The Final Two Tiers

The final two Tiers (D and E) of  Natalia Vasilieva’s Smokey ZickZacks (page 140 of New Directions in Sock Knitting) are similar to the first two tiers with the exception that only decreases are worked in the heel section. The other sections maintain constant stitch counts. At this point the knitting is pretty easy and you may find yourself rushing to the end so you can see how this turns into a proper fitting sock!

When you have the proper number of garter ridges on the right side and the proper number of stitches (the two should coincide), you’re ready for the dreaded Kitchener stitch. I agree that it’s a bit intimidating, especially with the double increases and decreases. You might want to wait until you’re fully rested and have very good light before you proceed!

2 thoughts on “Smokey ZickZacks–The Final Two Tiers”

  1. My favorite trick for Kitchener stitch in pattern, especially when shaping is involved, is to start with some contrasting color waste yarn and do a few rows in pattern, leading up to the first “real yarn” row. At the end, finish when you’re supposed to, and use more contrasting color waste yarn to work a few more rows in pattern before binding off. Then, it’s relatively easy to follow the waste yarn on either end to do the Kitchener stitch. I like to do several stitches but leave the yarn loose, go back and tidy and tighten, and repeat till it’s done and everything is neat and properly tensioned. Then it’s easy to remove the waste yarn from the end, and slightly more tedious to remove the waste yarn from the beginning.

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