Moving Through New Directions in Sock Knitting

The next pair of socks in New Directions in Sock Knitting that I’m going to attack is Natalia Vasilieva’s Smokey ZickZacks (shown in upper left of the cover).










This amazing design is worked side to side in garter stitch with increases and decreases that form zigs and zags that fit together with a row of Kitchener stitch to produce the traditional sock shape. This construction requires a leap of faith because the sock cannot be tried on along the way. I’ve got to wonder how Natalia thought up the design!

For my version, I’ve chosen Socks That Rock Light Weight (100% superwash merino) by Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the colorway Schwarzwald (Black Forest).

Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Moving Through New Directions in Sock Knitting”

  1. How I love those socks and the colorway you chose in Socks that Rock – can’t way to see them come off your needles! Happy Knitting xo

  2. Not sure where to post this question….But will there be an update for the ‘Handy’ apps?

  3. I’m not sure if there will be an update, though I can’t understand why not. Interweave/F+W Media holds the copyright and, sadly, I have no control over the matter. 🙁

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