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New Directions in Sock Knitting — A Raffle

While I’m busy knitting the mate to my version of Kathryn Alexander’s Mitered Triangles socks from New Directions in Sock Knitting, I want to hold a raffle for a free copy of the book!












Respond to this post by telling me why you’re ready to knit socks from a new direction, and I’ll enter you in a raffle. I’ll draw the winner Sunday, June 25, 2017, and announce the winner Monday morning (June 26).

Put your best foot forward!

23 thoughts on “New Directions in Sock Knitting — A Raffle”

  1. I am seeing such interesting socks with variegated yarn in this book that I would like to try out.

  2. Wow! This had been in my “I Want” queue for ages… These socks look like an amazing challenge

  3. I always knit socks the same way and am interested in these new variations. They look interesting for both plain and variegated yarns.

  4. I’ve been knitting plain vanilla socks for a couple of years, and I thiknk I’m ready to have some fun learning new things.

  5. Well, I’ll confess I could almost knit my sock pattern blindfolded. Oh there might be a pattern in the calf area but I lost the directions for knitting and turning the heels a few years back and haven’t missed them. So it is time to try something different. Thank you for sharing your progress. I enjoy seeing the patterns being worked/figured out.

  6. I love new sock patterns! I have only knit plain vanilla socks once and that was my first pair of socks. I have taken this book out of the library. The designs are wonderful and some of them are not too hard. I don’t know that I would take on mitered socks, but there are some beautiful do-able designs in this book.

  7. This book I should amazing and it’s so much fun seeing your progress through the patterns. I’ve made Socks toe up, top down, from the heel out, and sideways, but I have a horde of sock lovers to knit for and for many of them the crazier and wilder, the better.
    Thanks for offering up a copy.

  8. I love knitting unusual socks, but haven’t had the opportunity to check out this book yet. I appreciate your generous offer.

  9. Hi Ann! The reason I am interested in new directions in sock knitting is because I LOVE knitting socks and it is a great way, on a smaller scale, to learn new techniques while having fun and funky pairs of socks to add to my foot wardrobe! If I am lucky enough to be the winner of this raffle, it it possible to get the ebook version?

  10. Knitted socks can be mini architectural wonders! I enjoy seeing how creative designers approach warming our feet.

  11. There are many methods for knitting socks but ultimately they are still either calf down or toe up. From your posts this book seems to make sock knitting more exciting and lets us use yarn we might not otherwise!

  12. . . . because I have loved seeing your progress on the Mitered Triangles socks. They are beautiful!!

  13. I love knitting socks. I like trying all the various techniques and patterns. This book demonstrates that with a little imagination and skill you can make a sock. Lovely job on the Mitered Triangle socks

  14. I’ve knit many socks, but nothing as complicated or challenging as those in the book. I’d love to win and give them a try. Thanks for the giveaway. Savannagal on Rav.

  15. Pam Crossland

    This is my year of learning new techniqes and improving my knitting skills over all. These sock patterns look like things they would be both enjoyable and challenging.

    Thank you for your generosity

  16. Karen Talluto

    After attending your sweater design workshop today I’m eager to try all your techniques!! And socks are fun!

  17. Gillian Bladen-Clark

    I’ve got your top down sweater book which has opened my eyes to the myriad of possibilities based on core patterns. I have read it cover to cover several times and am currently knitting my 4th pattern from it. I’ve not used other patterns since buying it. I’d love more inspiration for socks too. I’m an avid sock knitter and have tried top down, toe up, two at a time and would relish some new ideas.

  18. I’m ready to try some new sock patterns and this book will certainly help me accomplish that!

  19. Sock knitting is the best way to improve knitting skills. The sock project is small portable and instructions are almost always easily followed. I have been amazed by socks and love the originality good designers bring to them. Then like magic, the skill and confidance from making a pair of socks, transfers to larger more complex items.

  20. Juanita Golueke

    I Love to challenge myself. I started making socks in the Fall of 2016, despite the unforgiving patterns and multiple frogging..I made my first pair and have since made 25 plus pairs for my knitting group that donates them to needy folk in my city. The designs that I can see from the book cover look amazing! A vast cry from plain little normal-ish vanilla socks. I would love to try them and donate them as well 🙂

  21. Nothing feels better than hand knit socks on the tootsies. love knitting socks because they are small projects in which anything goes, a wonderful way to experiment and try new techniques. I prize each as a jewel.

  22. I love the challenge each new knitting adventure brings. Socks are one of my current adventures in knitting!

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