Mason-Dixon Field Guide 2

I’m delighted to have a pair of socks included in the Mason-Dixon Knitting’s Field Guide 2!











Apres-Everything Socks are knitted in a dreamy bulky yarn that’s the knitting equivalent of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds. Made of 505 Royal Alpaca/50% merino wool, these socks are wholly impractical for daily life. Instead they’re destined to be your favorite nonverbal way to say, “I’m relaxing now, people.”

The colorwork pattern is worked with slip stitches so that only one color of yarn is used in each round of knitting. Talk about Easy Colorwork! I can’t think of a quicker and more satisfying way to introduce a bit of color without a bit of fuss.

Respond to this post by telling me when you’d wear such cozy and comfy socks, and I’ll enter you in a drawing for a FREE copy of the book!

I’ll draw a winner after midnight Tuesday, February 7, and announce the winner Wednesday, February 8.


35 thoughts on “Mason-Dixon Field Guide 2”

  1. A snowy evening like today, a cup of tea and a good book, the perfect time to wear war, woolly socks.

  2. Despite their luciousness, I’d wear them as light hiking socks. My dad likes to go birding, and he’d be thrilled if he managed to get me out before dawn…but I’d need special socks for that.

  3. If I lived somewhere where they got snow, they would be perfect for curling up in front of a roaring fire! But since I live in a place that only sees snow every few years (and just a dusting, at that) I would have to wear them curled up in my chair, knitting while watching tv.

  4. Since I don’t like shoes on in the house, nor do I like bare feet, these socks would be perfect for whatever I do at home — whether lounging or cleaning.

  5. I would wear them while I’m knitting in front of the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate! Perfect!

  6. Linda G. Hellman

    I would wear them as slippers around the house..and outdoors with my hiking boots. Lin Hellman aka Linlasvegas on ravelry.

  7. The rainy Saturday at home with comfortable knitting and a good book or podcast playing. It would be awesome!

  8. Cosy on the couch with a cuppa tea, great knitting and my favorite podcasts in that alternative universe where there is an 8th day of the week designated for knitting only!

  9. I’d wear these around the house in place of my slippers, while I knit and eat my Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds.

  10. These would not be saved “for best,” they’d be well loved an worn often. I’d need more than one pair.

  11. I’d wear them in the bathroom when I get ready for bed to keep my feet warm so I don’t have to warm them up on my husband.

  12. I’d wear these at night while knitting and sipping tea. It’s winter in Michigan, warm woolies definitely needed!

  13. I would wear them while sitting on the lounge, sipping my warm Milo (an Australian tradition!) and relaxing after a long day looking after my two little girls ❤

  14. Sitting on my favorite chair in front of the fire, knitting in lap, tea on the mantle, these socks on my feet! Soooooo cozy!

  15. Catherine Cooke

    In Vermont one could probably find some time to wear them everyday for about six months of the year. would be particularly nice to wear while knitting just before bedtime. Always nice to have warm feet when one goes to sleep. Catherine

  16. I would make these socks for my mother, whose feet are always cold, especially when she sleeps. I think a nice, bulky, woolly yarn would help keep her toes toasty!

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