Zigzag Socks–Choosing Yarn

Now that things are settling down a bit, I’m excited to return to knitting the socks in New Directions in Sock Knitting. The next pair I’m going to knit is Zigzag by Anne Campbell.


This design begins with the leg, which is knitted sideways in a chevron-stitch pattern embellished with small cables, while at the same time, live stitches are created along the sides for the cuff and foot. The leg is grafted into a tube, then the live stitches on one side worked upward for the cuff and downward for the foot on the other side.

The heel flap is worked in a standard slipstitch pattern, and the instep is worked in the same chevron-stitch as the leg. The heel flap widens toward the base of the foot to form the gussets. The heel is turned on a larger-than-usual number of stitches, continuing the slip-stitch pattern for durability. After the heel is created, the rest of the foot and toe are worked conventionally in the round.

For my version, I’ve chosen The Loopy Ewe Seasonings Series in the Undercover Agent colorway, which appears much like the Twisted Fiber Art Tasty yarn used for the originals.


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