Aiden for Free!

I’m delighted to announce that my new pattern, Aiden, has been uploaded on Ravelry.

Aiden Promo 1, cropped

Designed exclusively for River City Yarns in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, this unisex zippered Henley features their worsted-weight Epic yarn (100% virgin wool; 200 yards/100 grams).

The lower body is worked in stockinette stitch in rounds to the armholes, at which point the front and back are divided and worked separately to the shoulders in a woven slip-stitch pattern that’s not too fancy for a guy but offers enough interest for the knitter. The shoulders are joined (the only seams in the sweater!), then stitches are picked up around the armholes for the sleeves, and the sleeve caps are worked in worked back and forth in short-rows in the same stitch pattern as the upper body. Then the stitches are joined and the sleeves are worked in stockinette stitch in rounds to the bind off at the cuffs.

Stitches are picked up around the neck opening for the stand-up collar, which is also worked in the the woven slip-stitch pattern. For added warmth (and to hide the zipper tape), the collar is lined with a simple knit-three-purl-one ribbed pattern that matches the ribbing on the lower body and sleeve cuffs. For a tidy finish, three-stitch extensions of the lining are worked to hide the rest of the zipper tape on the wrong sides of the fronts.

To celebrate this new design, I’m holding a raffle. Respond to this post by telling me who you’d knit this sweater for. I’ll use a random-number generator to choose three (3!) names and announce the lucky winners Thursday, August 11.

56 thoughts on “Aiden for Free!”

  1. I would knit it for my husband, he likes this style of sweater, and it looks beautifully tailored!

  2. I’d make this for my #5 son, who farms and takes care and must be out in cold and snow to care for the animals, and must bundle up inside the leaky old farmhouse to care for himself.

  3. I would make this sweater for my son. He likes the things I knit for him. Glad you are moving down the recovery road.

  4. I would knit this for my husband…he loves sweaters like this, but all of the ones he has have worn out and I’m sure he’d love a new one!

  5. I would knit this one for my sweet husband. Occasionally he hints that he’d like me to knit him a sweater. A patient man lol. I just need to stop and knit him one!

  6. Melissa Bertuzzi

    I am going to make this for my Justin – he wears everything I make for him regularly – he says they are his “nice” clothes πŸ™‚

  7. My husband would love this, and I’ve got the yarn in stash already! Glad you are feeling better!

  8. Its a beautiful sweater and I would make it for Bill. This is his favorite style sweater and I know he’d wear it often.

  9. Like most of the other replies, I’d knit this for my husband. This would be an every-day working jumper and Dennis would get a lot of use out of it. Looks like an interesting design. I like doing the sleeves top-down, making it easy to get the length right.

  10. My son, who I am incredibly proud of. He just graduated earning a Ph.D. In Chemical Engineering.

  11. I would make it for my son who has been waiting three years for me to make a sweater for him. I already have the yarn for it!

  12. This would be the perfect sweater to knit for my son who I have promise that one of these days I would knit him a sweater.

  13. I would make this for my 24 year old son for sure. Its just the type of sweater he would wear. Beautiful design!!!!

  14. Me, to replace a much-loved cashmere henley which was inadvertently thrown into the washing machine and felted πŸ™ If he’s really lucky I might knit a second for my husband.

  15. I would knit this for my 32 year old son – he would look extra handsome in this beautiful sweater!

  16. That is a lovely sweater, it’s actually something that I think my husband would actually wear. This is the first time I have ever thought that about a man sweater. What a lovely classic design.

  17. I’d knit this for my nephew – he’s young and good looking like this guy modelling your sweater.

  18. Oh, Ann, I wish this pattern was also written for children. I have 2 great grandsons that I would love to make this for. It is so hard to find good classic clothing (handmade or purchased) in todays world. I have a son and 2 grandsons that would love this but that would mean knitting three sweaters. lol

  19. I would have to make at LEAST two! My son, Cody, has been begging for a sweater; which means I would then have to make one in a different color for my daughter, Ginny. If it can be adapted to a cotton or linen, then I would also make one for my wonderful husband, who would love to have one, but can’t do wool. This is a style they would all love.

  20. My husband would love this sweater. And I have been meaning to knit him one for a very long time.

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