In Recompense

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in several weeks. It turns out that my travels, teaching, and designing have kept me running all summer. I think I may have bit off a little more than I can chew and I’ve been struggling to meet my deadlines.

To top it off, I’ve been back and forth to doctor appointments regarding a growth in my thyroid. The biopsy results reveal Hurthle cells, and all the doctors agree that it should be removed. The good news is that the surgery is straightforward, recovery is quick, thyroid cancer boasts a 90% cure rate. I’m drinking a lot of green detox smoothies (kale, spinach, avocado, apple, lime, ginger, banana, yogurt, and orange juice) to give my immune system a boost before the big day. Still, I might not be back for a while.

green smoothie

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To let you know that I haven’t forgotten you, I want to hold a book raffle. Respond to this email telling me which of my books you’d like (visit for a full listing). I’ll draw a winner Monday, July 11. You can knit while I’m recovering.

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  1. Ann, I’m so sorry to hear this, but take some sort of strange joy in knowing that we all go through these weird things. I’m constantly amazed by hearing about all the strange problems that our bodies struggle through as we age. Now, as for me… I’m still hoping for that top down sweater book. I can still knit!

  2. I do hope the green smoothies help, and the best of good wishes for the surgery! I would love a copy of the Interweave Knits book

  3. I have all your books, dear Ann, just want to send you all good wishes for a rapid recovery, and for skill in your surgeon’s hands.

  4. Positive and healing thoughts for you Ann. I would like the Sock Knitting Masterclass.

  5. Hope all goes well. All your books look awesome but I’d really love Sock Knitting Masterclass.

  6. With sincere best wishes for a very quick recovery. I received a very nice book on juicing today, so I’m looking forward to starting juicing and becoming more healthier. I love your books, and your very clear explanations. If I was lucky enough to win, I’d very much appreciate your Sock Knitting Master Class book, thanks.

  7. I’d love the book of patterns, more importantly, I work in oncology, yes, this is very manageable but you have to go thru these hoops first. Have a speedy recovery!

  8. Pamula Phillips

    Best wishes for a full recovery for you. Take care of yourself and know that many will be thinking of you.
    And remember to take care of yourself through this and don’t overdo it! There will be time for that when you are better!!!

  9. Lace Style. Take care of yourself, relax, and knit as you are able. We’ll all be thinking of you! Mardi

  10. Rhonda Croxson

    Thinking about you. You can do this, I know you can. My sister had this done years ago, and you are right, it is a simple procedure by comparison. I will have to check in with you. When is the big day?

  11. Judy (magicallylooped on ravelry)

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Ann. All of us who love and cherish you and your lighthearted spirit will be here if you need anything and looking forward to when you are fully back in the swing of things. On a lighter note, thank goodness it has nothing to do with your hands – can’t wait to see what comes off your needles as you have forced time to sit still while you are healing (a rare occasion for you lately i.e. the sitting still). xo

  12. Best wishes to you for the surgery and recovery. New directions in sock knitting .

  13. Wishing you good health and an easy recovery. Bag Style has been on my wish list.

  14. First, I wish you a smooth recovery and good health. I can’t imagine keeping up your hectic schedule with thyroid disease.
    I would love to be knitting from Sock Knitting A Master Class during your recovery.

  15. I wish you health, a good surgeon, quick and complete recovery, and to try to take things slower!!

  16. First I would like to say I am enjoying the Craftsy class Essential Techniques for Sock Knitting. It is funny I was watching it yesterday and noticed your neck. No it is not something everyone sees….but I have been there. My first thought was to send you a message, saying go to your doctor. You are correct in knowing between surgery and treatment (if needed) all will be well. Good for you for boosting your immune system with the smoothies. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers….lots of thinking time while knitting socks.
    I have checked out “the knitter’s handy book of Patterns” from my local library several times….I think I have hand written most all of the patterns. Your Bag book looks interesting, a girl can’t have too many bags, I would love to win it.

  17. I hope your surgery goes well and you have a quick recovery. (If I am the lucky winner, I’d pick Bag Style please.)

  18. Deborah Gajee

    Dear Ann, Praying all goes well with the surgery and you have a speedy recovery.

  19. I am sorry you are I’ll. I will give you the medical info as I did with your arm. The surgery is usually overnight, minimally invasive. You will come out with a drain in your neck that may go home with you. Your calcium, parathyroid will be monitored loosely and you will be on thyroid meds for life. The more you do before surgery the better off you will be after. Depending on the treatment for cancer, drink drink drink. Flushing chemicals out is good. You may get steroids to aide in healing. These may cause you to feel weird…ie mods swings insomnia and eating a lot or they may do nothing. Steroids affect people differently. Listen to your body and rest. Eat well even if you aren’t hungry..small frequent meals work well milkshakes with supplements are great. Enough of my rumblings, I have been up all night. I wish you welll. Keep me posted .

    Barbara Keil RN

  20. As far as a book, I’d pick The Best of Interweave Knits.

    That out of the way, please know I’m deeply sorry to hear you’re going through this. I have no brilliant words of advice (though it seems plenty of others do, so I don’t feel too guilty 😉 ), but I will keep you in my thoughts.

  21. Oh! Tears and Love and Wishes for a Holistic recovery being sent your way. You’ve been one of my favorites since I read about you through Interweave. Posts of your dad’s bicycling got me back on my bike.
    I’ve always wanted your sweater patterns reference book but haven’t purchased any knitting books in a while.
    Again, I will keep you in my heart and prayers. Sounds like you’re on the right track with those smoothies. I gotta try one too.

  22. All good thoughts your way Ann! Speedy recovery. I’ll be knitting a Torquata wrap and sending good wishes your way! I miss knitting with all the Boulderites.

  23. Thinking of you, Ann. Take the time you need.
    I am so impressed by all the books you have written!
    I vote for Crocheter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements and The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. Wishing you a speedy and definitive recovery.

  24. My prayers are with you for a successful operation and a speedy recovery. Do as your doctor says and take very good care of yourself as you heal. I would love your “knitter’s handy book of patterns.

  25. So sorry to hear you haven’t been well. I hope everything goes well and you have a super speedy recovery. Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters.

  26. Sharla Dierks

    Sorry to hear about your medical situation. I love your books, I haven’t seen the one of Gifts…..

  27. Louann Steele

    So sorry to hear about your thyroid troubles!! Two people in my life have had the same surgery, and both are doing fantastic. All the best to you. I would like to win The Best of Interweave Knits, please. Keep on with the smoothies!!

  28. I wish for you speedy and complete recovery!

    Either book about sweaters would delight me.

  29. Linda Bohannon

    Several friends have undergone thyroid surgery and are doing great. Wishing you the best during surgery and your postoperative recovery. Have several of your books and would love the handy book of patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. Patricia Downie

    I sure hope all goes well for you and I empathize totally. Bless you. I love your books and have a couple. the one I do not have is “the Book Of Patterns” Please take care and hope you have good care takers to support you on to a better healthy road. Patricia

  31. Louise McCabe

    Praying for you for a healthy, speedy recovery!
    Your choice as to a book or better still to send to another who really needs one.

  32. I would choose “Bag Style” please. But more importantly, I wish you peace and calmness during all of this turmoil.

  33. I hope you recover quickly. Sounds like a killer schedule. I would love a copy of your Knitted Gifts or any of your sock books. Thank you for this give-away.

  34. Just want to say you have been missed.Prayers and best wishes for surgery are being sent your way.

  35. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. My mom had that surgery at age 85, recovered quickly and is still here at age 91. Love your knitting!! Love Sock Patterns Master Class.

  36. Janie Cavalli

    You are such an inspiration to us all. Here are my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and you have many more trips around the sun that bring you joy, health and happiness.
    I would like to add The Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters to my collection.

  37. Hope you are feeling better. Any book from you would be great. You don’t have to do this. It is as if you were apologizing for getting sick. What could I send you? I am on a lace kick and don’t have your lace book. How about sending you recipes so your significant other can cook for you? May I?
    Pam Macchi

  38. Best wishes for a successful surgery, and fast and easy recovery. If I were to win, I’d love to have New Directions in Sock Knitting. There are so many interesting patterns in that book. It would be loads of fun learning all those new techniques.

  39. Dolores DeFrancesco

    First I wish you well and send good thoughts for a speedy recovery and a more positive diagnosis once surgery is done. I do like the book top down sweaters, that being said it is so important for you to focus on you and your healing. We will all be here when you are well again.

  40. Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. My husband is a 25+ year thyroid cancer survivor. Looking forward to having you back soon!

  41. Roxanne Smart

    Sorry to hear, Ann, that you’ve been having a struggle. As a breast cancer survivor I’m here to tell you that this is beatable!
    Immune enhancing smoothies are wonderful and knitting is a great stress buster. Perhaps you need to slow down a bit?…..

    I have several of your books but a knitter never has too many. I’d love to have your LACE STYLE as I’m currently enamored with knitting lace.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Roxanne

  42. No book necessary. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery! Sending positive vibes and energy and prayers!

  43. That green detox looks like it could glow in the dark. Positive
    vibes to you for speedy recovery.
    I would pick Getting Started knitting socks. I have knit many pairs, but would like to have this book.

  44. Praying for you and your medical caretakers. I had my thyroid removed due to Graves’ disease when I was 13. Been on thyroid meds since and I’m 65! Take care of yourself and take frequent catnaps!

  45. Dear Ann, I have made so many things from your books that you feel like family to me — I’m knitting a pair of red socks from your Sock Knitters Handbook as I write this! Please take good care of yourself — we love and need you!

  46. I’m wishing you a quick yet calm recovery with plenty of knit time! I have many of your books and enjoy and use them frequently. I’d love to win Favorite Socks as I’d like to make more socks for myself (others seem to claim them before they are even off the needles!) Take care!

  47. Wow…that is a lot to go through in a short time. Hoping things go well with your surgery and recovery. As for the book, I would love the Sock Knitting Master Class (how do I have the video, but not the book? )

  48. Eileen Tomaro

    All good thoughts and wishes headed your way, I have only recently discovered your lovely, well written books. Since I have none YET, any would be a welcome addition. But mostly, get well please

  49. (Oooops, only sent half my message!) That green stuff would scare anything away! Wishing you the best medicine, good doctors, and lots of rest and recuperation on your healing journey. Just keep knitting. One stitch at a time…

  50. Best wishes for a very fast recovery! Your sock pattern in handy book of patterns and get started knitting socks gave me the confidence to try socks and I now love knitting them. Would like to have the sock knitter master class to continue the journey you started me on! Thanks for your very approachable and encouraging teaching methods 🙂 I hope you feel better soon.

  51. Just reading your email.

    I too had thyroid cancer, a total thyroidectomy and lost 2 para’s. I’m into year 5 post TT. 

    I understand where you find yourself and the time it will take for your body to right itself. 

    Do please do take good care of you. It’s rather amazing the power this little butterfly has over our entire system, both physical and emotional! When it gets sick it’s hard to imagine it’s impact until it does.

    Take time to rest well, bolster that immune system and find glorious simple moments to just breathe!!! 

    There’s a road ahead, a hopeful one thank goodness, but a journey nontheless…..know you are not alone, will not be ever alone in this – reach out, hollar if need be, so many of us will come running! There are so many of us out here! There is power in numbers! 🙂

    To you and your family best wishes, beautiful internal strength and prayers, positive thoughts for a gentle recovery.

    I do not wish to be entered into your book giveaway – my intent is only to extend a hand from where I am to where you are.


    Alwaysknitu1 on Ravelry

    Cjscreativelife on IG

  52. Sorry to hear about your thyroid but a good outcome sounds very positive. I will keep you in my prayers and hope to hear from you soon. I know you have such a busy schedule booked in advance but life does seem to happen. Is your surgery soon? Thanks for letting us know. I did not enter the drawing because I have most all of your books.

  53. Nutrition, love, positive attitude are so important and it looks like you are on the right path. I wish you peace filled healing.
    I wanted to voice my support. Thank you for the offer of a giveaway but I really wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

  54. Good luck with your surgery. I am a 12 year thyroid cancer survivor and doing great! I would love the book “Color Style” because I would like to do more color knitting. Best wishes.

  55. Hello Ann
    Thank you for the drawing. I’d love to have a copy of ‘The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns’. I am a thyroid cancer survivor and I hope your surgery/recovery is as easy as mine was. All the best to you.

  56. Most importantly…Be well soon. And if my name is drawn, then New directions in Sock Knitting would be welcomed and appreciated.

  57. Jennifer Dyck

    so sorry to hear about your cancer – yes it is beatable, you can do it! As far as your books, I have lots of them! But I don’t yet have the Color Style book and have been wanting to work on my color knitting skills. So would love it if I won that one! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  58. Sending lots of prayers and good wishes for a quick speedy recovery!! Sock knitting Master class would be my choice as I have finally moved past the newbie stage of making socks!

  59. I’m so sorry to hear this, Ann, but I’ve no doubt you will come through it with flying colors!
    My mother in law had her thyroid removed several years ago and is doing great. She saw the scar (which is so small most would never notice it) as an opportunity to expand her necklace and scarf wardrobes. 😉
    Wishing you all the best!

  60. Sorry to hear this Ann Keep drinking those amazing smoothies. Please keep us posted on your recovery. Will be praying for you. Love your posts.

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