U-Turn Socks — Back of Leg

I’ve enjoyed working the first section of General Hogbuffer’s U-Turn socks from New Directions in Sock Knitting. The back of the leg is worked first — back and forth in rows outward from the center back “seam.” The heel cup is shaped at the same time.

U-Turn back of leg and heelThe two colors alternate so that there are four rows of each. The Kauni gradient yarn I chose has very long and subtle color changes that don’t show up as well as the original socks in the book.


My choice of a solid yarn and a long gradient will make my socks look more conservative, I think. Time will tell…

1 thought on “U-Turn Socks — Back of Leg”

  1. That is already looking pretty cool if you ask me! Can’t wait to see the finished pair! Do you plan to knit your pair so that they match, or do you prefer that they are mis-matched? Will be fun either way!

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