Harlequin Socks — Turning the Heel

Thanks to the epic snowstorm that hit the Colorado Front Range this week (about 20″ at my house), I claimed a snowday and did some knitting. I successfully turned the heel on my Harlequin sock, designed by Anne Berk and included in my newest book, New Directions in Sock Knitting.

Harlequin Heel 3

It fits my foot beautifully!

Harlequin Heel 2

My notes:

  • I had tried switching to a 40″ circular needle and the magic-loop method of knitting, but I found that method even more distracting than double-pointed needles so I switched back (except for when I tried on the sock).
  • I got a bit confused and ended up working 7 stitches past the original turning point on a right-side row to start the heel. This meant that my turning point shifted for the rest of the sock and odd-numbered chart rows became wrong-side rows. I didn’t notice this until the heel was complete (and I was too lazy, or too exited with my progress, to rip it out). I’ll pay closer attention on the mate to ensure there’s not a error in the pattern.
  • The 14 center stitches at the end of the first half were 13 MC stitches and 1 A stitch.
  • I pulled the yarn too tight when working the wrap-and-turns on the first half of the heel, which made it difficult to locate the wraps on the second half. I’ll need to relax for the second sock.

I’ve already started working up the leg. I’ll post again when there’s enough to show.


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  1. Awesome looking sock! What a great idea swapping out the dpns for circulars when trying on socks. I’m going to borrow that idea.

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