Harlequin Socks — First Sock Completed

I’m delighted with the progress I’ve made on Anne Berk’s Harlequin socks from New Directions in Sock Knitting! I’ve certainly found my rhythm and am having trouble putting it down. I forced myself to stop before I completed the cuff.

Harlequin top of cuff

I’m running low on the main color so I decided to work the cuff in A instead. I’m not a big fan of k1, p1 ribbing so I worked mine in k3, p1. For a little fun, I worked a few rounds in D to top it off. In preparation for working an invisible tubular bind-off, I worked these 3 rounds in k1, p1 rib.

Harlequin tubular BO

The completed sock looks pretty good, but will improve with a good blocking.

Harlequin finished first sock

The inside of the sock, however, is a bit of a mess!

Harlequin loose ends

As bad as it looked, I wove in all the ends while on a business call!

Harlequin tails woven in


8 thoughts on “Harlequin Socks — First Sock Completed”

  1. I was pretty intrigued with the sock until I saw all those ends. I hate ends! But it is a gorgeous sock. Really like the way you finished the cuff.

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