Harlequin Socks — Finding a Rhythm

I’ve been distracted with traveling and teaching so I haven’t made much progress on my Harlequin socks (designed by Anne Berk) from New Directions in Sock Knitting. But now that I’m home again, I’m finding a nice rhythm and am getting close to the start of the heel.

Harlequin on foot1

Fortunately, the diamond pattern isn’t worked on the heel stitches. That would be a bit much to keep track of while working the short-row shaping!

For those of you who’d like to follow along and knit your own socks from New Directions In Sock Knitting, Interweave Press (my publisher) has generously contributed some copies for me to raffle off while I knit my way through the designs.

Respond to this post and tell me why you’d like to knit a sock from a new direction and I’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, March 22.

39 thoughts on “Harlequin Socks — Finding a Rhythm”

  1. It’s always fun learning new ways of doing socks. Also, some of those patterns do neat things with striped or gradient yarn and I love that.

  2. As I become more experienced in sock knitting, I love to browse patterns and to read about new ways to knit them. I have not done anything unusual, yet. I never thought I would ever knit socks, but once I started, I was hooked! I’m ready for more than just the standard pattern (though I love that, too). ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Doing a new pattern or technique in knitting keeps things interesting. I want to get done faster to see the finished product!
    Carol n

  4. Life is about change. I find myself currently at a crossroads in my personal life so why not mix it all up and take a new direction in my Knitting?

  5. I would love to try a few new and interesting sock patterns. I am recovering from lymph node removal and relearning how to knit with my new limitations, so a fun and challenging pattern would help motivate me to return to my favorite hobby.

  6. I’ve knit lots of socks in the traditional directions, but i’d love to try sock knitting in a different way!

  7. I’d love to learn something new and use that sock yarn I’ve had in my stash for six years!

  8. I have mastered the basic top down socks and finally made toe ups that fit. New Directions is just the path l need to break out of my comfort zone and be more creative. Can’t wait to try new concepts and then design more socks with the new skills. Oh, yeah, they are beautiful, too!

  9. I’m Kitchener stitching the second pair of socks I’ve ever knit. Time to jump in the deep end and knit fearlessly!

  10. I’ve been learning to spin. What better way to use my handspun than with fun sock patterns? (And get to learn new techniques while I’m at it!)

  11. Its time for a knitting challenge, something that challenges my brain and makes me figure it out.

  12. I am returning to knitting after about a 40 year period. I want to make my own socks and am extremely interested in learning new techniques and brushing up on what I had done so many years ago.

  13. I would like to try a new direction and make socks as gifts for my family. What better way than a warm sock

  14. I love sock knitting and have been enjoying exploring new ways of creating them. And the idea of argyles in the round is high on my list.

  15. I would like to knit socks from the book because it would be learning new techniques to knit socks. It seems like knitters are on a quest to constantly learn new methods. Your posts have also intrigued me.

  16. I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to knit socks, I love patterns that do unexpected things.

  17. Socks are my sanity! Simple, complex, top down, toe up, starting with a spiral heel…well, they’re all great. New techniques? Oh yes, please and thank you!

  18. I’ve been knitting for MANY years & have always wanted to try socks. These look intriguing!

  19. Love knitting socks. Am willing to try just about anything, and am open to learning new techniques.

  20. I’m so excited! I’m usually so behind on my blog reading that I miss opportunities for books. A friend let me page through her copy of New Directions — there are so many great socks! And learning a new technique (or three) is always a win. Gotta keep those brain cells hoppin’. And you’re announcing the winner on my birthday!

  21. I have purchased the ebook but I would love a hard copy as well. Thank you for the drawing.

  22. I’m excited! Love knitting socks and always looking for new methods and ideas, we must keep learning…

  23. Hellolo Ann,
    I’d love to knit these socks because, for me, it knit a challenge sets my desires on fire. I’m not going to let a pattern get the best of me, in the end, a few battles would have been fought, but, wear the opponent proudly.”

  24. I have learned to knit socks within the last year, and have fallen in love with sock knitting. What’s not to love about a perfect fitting hand knit sock? I am beginning a lovely collection of sock books and patterns. I would be ecstatic to add this book to my collection.

  25. I love to knit socks and to try different knitting techniques. This book provides both with its innovative sock constructions that uses a variety of knitting techniques. Looks like such a great and fun book!

  26. I would love to knit a sock from “New Directions” because the socks are unlike any I’ve ever really seen before, and I know I’d be able to learn some new (to me) technique and come away with an awesomely cool pair of socks ๐Ÿ™‚

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