Join Me in Park City

Logo_KFNow that the holidays are over and we’re all settling into the drudgery of winter, I’d like to offer you a refreshing break from the doldrums. Join me for my Knit For Fun Retreat in Park City, Utah, April 28 to May 1, 2016!

It’s an opportunity to relax, make new friends, and knit, knit, knit, plus have more fun than should be legal. The retreat takes place at the Park City Marriott. Once you arrive, everything will be taken care of — meals, lodging, classes by the esteemed Nancy Bush and yours truly, and plenty of entertainment.

For more information, click here.

I’ve already developed lyrics for the official song — to be sung with knitting in one hand and the beverage of your choice in the other.

Get Me Out of My Routine (sing to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”)

Get me out of my routine,

I need to go Knit For Fun.

I’ll learn techniques and make new friends,

I’ll want to go back again and again!


‘Cause I can knit, knit, knit in my jammies

While someone else cooks and cleans.

It will be one, two, three days of fun,

Like I’ve only seen in my dreams!


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1 thought on “Join Me in Park City”

  1. Ann,
    Your Wonderful! A certified Knitting Guru, Seasoned Traveler, have needles will travel, and now your well on your way to having the number one Knitter’s Hit Song, World Wide! Should I warm-up my amp, will there be a part for an electric Violin? I have a friend that Crochets and has a classic Bass Guitar, My Hubby, who also knits, plays the keyboard…do you think anyone will notice that were all over the age of 50? Will you make a single? Maybe you could come up with enough for an album. You could add in the little ditties from the Dale Knitters Historical archives…Oh this is getting to be too wild and way too FUN! Lets Do It….LOL! Your 100% in charge! No one else I know that’s My Age is really going to want to be in Charge, cause the know from experience, the One in Charge, gets all the complaints. Maybe you should find someone who hasn’t got wise to that little detail yet, to act as the scape goat….I mean… the one who will be Center Stage! Ann, you really are a Renaissance Woman! I Love Knitters!

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