At the Summit

I spend the weekend at the first what-may-become-annual Craftsy Instructor Summit in Centennial, Colorado. There were about 190 attendees, all of whom have taught at least one online Craftsy Class (mine are Save Our Stitches and Essential Techniques for Sock Knitters; click here for 50% off the regular price of these classes!).

Here’s a photo of four Knitting Ann(e)s. From left to right: Anne Hanson, Anne Weil, Anne Berk, and yours truly (the only one whose name doesn’t waste a vowel).

4 Anns at Craftsy Summit

The hotel/conference center (which was lovely) had the distinction of being about a block from the IKEA store and the location where the Broncos were sequestered the night before the BIG game on Sunday (they won, if you didn’t hear). Although I didn’t get a chance to see either the IKEA store or the athletes, I learned so much that head is about to explode.

Craftsy Summit 2016

A number of experts gave talks on why and how we should promote ourselves. I’m relative new to this whole technology and social media thing and confess to feeling a bit old and out of it. But I’m going to try!

The summit wrapped up with an awesome raffle and I WON five (5!) bolts of designer cotton fabric.

Craftsy Summit 2016--fabric

Here’s where I could use a little help. I haven’t sewed anything significant since my first child was born in 1992. What should I do with this beautiful fabric? Suggestions are welcome.

By the way, if you need proof (doh!) that knitting is GOOD for you, check out the following link from the New York Times:

13 thoughts on “At the Summit”

  1. You would look chic and adorable at the same time if you sewed one of those fabrics into a Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger or a Colette Laurel dress!

  2. Five bolts?! You can do anything you want with that much fabric! But an obvious use, for which you’ll have lots leftover unless you go into production, is to make some project bags.

  3. Anne, I just love when your posts pop-up. I always know that you are going to share a new adventure of some kind. Looking at all these wonderful fabrics all that kept coming to mind were Hawaiian Inspired Quilts. They aren’t very difficult, but they are beautiful. Go over to Etsy and take a look at some of the designs and templates you can use. Pillows are great small projects. Apapane Hawaiian Quilt on Etsy is a good example. The other thing that popped into my mind were little sleeping bags for toddlers. The Hawaiian theme would be great for a teenager quilt. I think that no matter what you do, it will take you awhile to get through all those Bolts! Have Fun!

  4. I would suggest donating the fabric (which looks like cotton and lots of fun) to your local chapter of Hope 4 Women Around the World, which makes “pillowcase” dresses for girls, with the aim of making one dress for each little girl in the world. It is usually associated with a local church. I believe the headquarters is in Arizona, where you could locate a chapter near you.

    Alternatively, cut up a few yards and knit with it. Need instructions? I just gave a class in knitting with fabric to our guild and would be glad to send you the directions.

  5. Regarding the fabric, you could make custom knitting totes. No matter who designs the knitting tote, there is always something I like that is never included. You can use grommets, zippers, make compartments for yarn and feed it through the grommets so it doesn’t spill out. It depends on you. Or, you could gift them.
    Pam Macchi

  6. Quilts of course! Find your local quilting guild and see if they are making quilts for charities and donate to them!

  7. I like the project bag idea, but as was mentioned…this is a LOT of fabric. Maybe you can find someone local to make them up for you and the two of you could sell them??? Only if you need another project!

  8. Congratulations! That it is really great fabric. I prefer to sew rather monochromatic garments, but I think some summer dresses will be great. And the blue fabric will be so great for some knitting bags or zipper pouches for knitting notions.
    By the way, I really like Craftsy and your course on sock knitting – I’m happy you did that course.

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