My First Podcast!

Stacie and Me podcastI’m excited to announce that I taped my first podcast last week with Stacie Dawson of Must Stash Yarn. I admit to being a little nervous, but Stacie is so engaging that she put me right at ease.

You can watch the podcast and learn about how I became a knitter and my newest adventures by clicking here.

For those of you who may not know, Must Stash is among the best self-striping yarn I’ve come across. The colorways are inventive and fun. At present, I have three skeins of Must Stash sock yarn.

From left to right: Dark Side of the Moon #4 (it’s a little-known fact that I’m a Pink Floyd fan), Sesame #16 (how could I resist?), and Happy Birthday Cindy (dyed specially for my friend, Cindy’s, 50th birthday bash; if you knew Cindy, you’d understand).

Must Stash yarns

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