Has it Really Been Two Weeks?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since I left the Strung Along Retreat in Port Ludlow, Washington. The retreat took place at the northern reaches of the Olympic Peninsula, right on the water.

Port Ludlow resort viewThe weather was what you’d expect in the Pacific Northwest in November, so I was thoroughly delighted with the fireplace in the room that my friend, Cindy, and I shared.

Enjoying at evening in my room at Port LudlowI took a spinning class with the one-and-only Judith MacKenzie. I was able to (barely) fit my Lendrum wheel in my suitcase (along with materials for classes I taught the week before the retreat).

Pacing for Strung AlongI was a bit nervous because I hadn’t spun in more than two years. Thankfully, my fingers and feet remembered what to do and in just a few short minutes, I was making yarn: worsted, woolen, hybrid worsted-woolen, and slub. I now have beautiful singles on my spindle but I have no idea what to do with the mishmash yarn I spun. Suggestions are welcome!

Yarn spun at Strung AlongI also took classes from the esteemed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Debbie Stone, during which I learned a lot of knitting tricks and some of the more important ins-and-outs of Ravelry, Crafty, FaceBook, and Instagram.

To prove that I was really there, I took very bad selfies of myself with Stephanie (when Stephanie is around, it’s hard to stop laughing long enough to get a focused photo), Judith, and my friend Cindy and our new friend Debi. I didn’t manage to get a photo with Debbie Stone–maybe she was avoiding me?

Selfie at Strung Along with StephanieSelfie at Strung Along with JudithSelfie at Strung Along with Cindy and ??It’s taken me nearly two weeks to clean up my desk after returning. But every bag and folder held memories of a memorable weekend!

Mess at desk after Strung Along Retreat