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  1. I love knitting socks. They’re a great on the go project, I have one in the car always and swap out project bags so all the different pairs get equal time. I LOVE wearing handknit socks, they feel so wonderful on my feet. And I can be crazy about colors on my feet since I tend to dress in black, browns and gray.

  2. I was fascinated the first time I saw someone fiddling with those teeny tiny douple points and skinny yarn. So I purchased Ann’s book and taught myself how to use double points and my sock knitting career began! I can justify the purchase luxurious skeins of sock yarn by all the hours of pleasure I’ll have working with hit. Oh, and then there’s the finished product!

  3. I love the fact that you can try new stitches and see what they look like. So many endless combinations of colors too πŸ™‚ Turning the heel is still a major process for me – but as they say, practice makes perfect!

  4. Why do I love to knit socks?
    They’re a fun little project I can carry anywhere, and everywhere.
    Fantastic fibres – wool, merino, cashmere, bamboo, … – feel wonderful on my feet
    Wool is warm, but breathable, so can be worn every season
    I can try out new stitch patterns
    Great colours
    They fit!
    People love to receive them
    Wearing handknit socks is my favourite little luxury, like wearing silk undies.

  5. I have only knit a few pairs of socks, but would like to become more comfortable knitting them. My grandchildren love the ones I’ve knit for them and want more. I tried to knit a toe-up pair, but couldn’t get the cast-on. I would love a chance to take your Craftsy class and become more proficient knitting socks.

  6. Love to knit socks because I can take them anywhere. As season ticket holder to the STL Cardinals we attend lots of games. I knit socks while at games. The added bonus is my husband loves to wear them.

  7. I always have a pair of socks on my needles. This is the first time I have tried making small socks for my grandkids for Christmas gifts. I am main matching socks and hats for my son and ten year old grandson. Socks are fond to work on and are quickly finished. I sometimes make them slightly mismatched. After my holiday knitting is done, I plan to learn how to knit argyle socks.

  8. Hand knit socks are just the BEST! It’s a way to give our tired feet a little extra hug of love! Knitting socks for others is also a great way to share our love with them. (only if they are knit worthy…lol) Thank you Ann for your book, Getting Started with Socks. I refer to is ALL the time! You Totally rock! Can’t wait to come to your Knit For Fun Retreat and learn even more about socks!!!

  9. I’ve been knitting for about eight years and my second project was socks….and so the addiction began! Always have at least one pair on needles and with each pair I try to learn something new; a different heel or toe or perhaps just improve on my faire isle skills.

  10. I knit socks for my husband. The happiness it gives him is worth every moment it takes to craft them. Also, once I arrive at the point where I knit the heel it always feels like a huge magical feat (!!) when I finish that portion, then the gusset..it just continues the wonder… (as you might guess, I can be easily amused).. Then the Kitchener finale, and THEN the fun of gift-giving. Priceless.

  11. I LOVE to knit socks. I always have a pair on the needles. Sock knitting is the most fascination knitting. You get to try out different techniques, the yarns are awesome and the final product is a joy for your feet. I have knit lots of socks and rarely knit the same pattern – the possibilities are endless with sock knitting.

  12. Socks are warm and cozy and great to share with friends. They travel well, others covet them, and knitting them in public usually starts a conversation.. I’m a top down knitter, but want to expand my skills as I’m very self taught.

  13. Sock knitting is all encompassing. I can have the pleasure of turning the heel and trying out a new stitch pattern at the same time. Knitting socks is the best form of therapy.

  14. I love knitting socks because they “travel” well as projects. You can make them as easy or as difficult as you want. You can make them fun with stitches, colors and/or designs. And I live wearing them.

  15. Being over 70 inspires (requires?) that I multi-task or combine more than one element in everything that I do.
    I enjoy knitting socks because I get utility along with beauty in the finished product.
    Socks are portable and offer endless possibilities for customizing PLUS they keep your feet warm.
    Double points, endless loop, cuff down, toe up, a multitude of ways to turn a heel…. Oh my goodness how I love to knit socks!!
    Thanks for your generous raffle.

  16. I learned to knit socks on DPNs in 2002. Top Down. Since that time I’ve learned Magic Loop, 2 circs, and 2 at a time. But, I still prefer using DPNs because they are very comfortable in my hands and in my head!

  17. I love knitting socks, they are so versitile, portable and easy. Plus so many ways to knit them!!! I would love to ein this raffle

  18. My father was a geologist in Africa and swore that he never got blisters in my mothers hand knit wool socks. Now that I live in Canada I have come to value hand knit socks to keep me warm and would love to expand my skills and improve my knitting – I know your class would help me do both.

  19. Suzanne Robbins

    I love knitting socks because you can finish them quickly (as opposed to the never-ending afghan), you can learn and incorporate different knitting techniques for each pair you make, they are a portable project – I knit during conferences and on my boat – and most of all they are wonderful to wear!

  20. I would love to learn how to knit socks and I think this class would give me the confidence to try it. I have 3 skeins of Opal sock yarn waiting to become socks πŸ™‚ I am a visual learner and the craftsy classes are always fantastic.

  21. Knitting socks while watching TV has gotten to be my favorite pastime. I like lace socks the best, then cables and bobbles. If there is anything I don’t like it is machine socks especially the white ones you wear with tennis shoes. I like color and this is how I get it. It is a conversation thing. People will ask me where I got my socks and we get into this great conversation. I have met people I never would have met without them. It is a social thing with me.

  22. I have only knit about 3 pairs of socks, but was hooked once I put the first pair on. The fit, the luxurious feel, the fun yarns, the portability, etc… Even tho it takes me a while to complete a pair, I can’t wait to cast on again! I love your book Getting Started Knitting Socks, and refer to it often!

  23. I love to knit socks because my grandkids request them!! I don’t get to see them often but while knitting their socks I feel “connected” with them.

  24. I love knitting socks because they’re easy to cram in my purse on the way to the rink for hockey or figure skating practices. And I just LOVE wearing hand knit socks.

  25. You can never have too many socks. And they’re great portable knitting (written at LAX with a 2 1/2 hour flight and 6 hour layover ahead of me. I will finish one pair and start another in that time).

  26. I have knit socks for years, but I know there’s tons more to learn. Would love to learn more from you.

  27. It’s my go-to project, nothing’s more comfortable than a pair of hand-knit socks for me and there are so many fun patterns out there!

  28. I always have a pair of socks ready to go on the needles. They help me keep my mouth shut during meetings when I am tempted to say something I will regret later. And I love showing off my very colorful and cool socks when I’m done!

  29. They are so comfortable..and the variety of yarn and techniques endless. Always have a pair available. Even a bag at work in case the purse sock is missing

  30. I love learning the various construction techniques, unlimited stitch and color combinations you can use, and it is a relatively quick project to complete. I love the way non-knitters (some friends and family) marvel over the tiny stitches. Thanks for the raffle, would really love to win the class.

  31. I started as a challenge and form of knitting growth. Then I put the finished sock on my foot–there is no better feeling. No matter what I knit for anyone else, I know the socks I knit are usually for me. And now, I’ve inspired my niece to begin the process, and I’m knitting her a pair this time, before I start my next sock knitting journey. Thank you for the raffle.

  32. I enjoy knitting socks and then giving as gifts. They are a relaxing knit. Dp needles or magic loop for me. Easy or challenging
    patterns. Easy to transport, just in case you have a few minutes knitting time. Thanks for a chance in this lovely raffle. Always looking for some new sock knitting tips.

  33. Oooh, I would love this! I just got a 40 in circular needle in the hopes of finally learning how to make socks but I’m just so unsure of how and where to start. Thanks for your generosity!

  34. I would love to learn how to knit socks! I knit hats, scarves, cowls, sweaters, I think I have the ability, a class I could attend at my convenience would be perfect!!

  35. Would love to wina place intheclass . Have just embarked on my sock journey from the toe up on one needle much un knitting has been done and the sock will be a bit too large but I now have a heel and amalmost ready to do the ribbing. Whew! Will I make it a mate I am not sure maybe it is meant to be an only sock, and can join up with all the other odd socks. It would be great to learn how to do this properly. Thanks for the opportunity Beth

  36. I learned to knit so that I could eventually knit a pair of socks. I suspected that I would love knitting them, and I was right. I love the construction of socks. I love how you can add a splash of color to a wardrobe with happily colored socks. I love sock yarn, I love all the variety in sock patterns, and I love adding my personal touch to sock patterns. I love socks, and I love knitting them!

  37. I love to knit socks because I love to knit in bed and also love to wear socks in bed in the winter. Knitting socks in bed seems like natural synergy!

  38. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    I love to knit socks because of the “magic” of the heel. And because I like to wear them.

  39. Okay, since I’ve JUST started knitting my first sock, I can’t really say I ‘love” to knit them, as I haven’t officially finished it yet. But I CAN say that I am already addicted, and had to create a new Pinterest board for all the socks patterns I want to make in the future! Does that count? πŸ™‚ As a beginner, this crafty class would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Because it puts me in a great zen…& my adult son makes personal requests …& giving them to him is completing the circle of love

  41. I want to learn to knit socks for two reasons: my husband needs natural fiber (not flammable!) socks to wear when flying his plane, and my son is that guy who always wears crazy socks, so I’d like to knit him some.

  42. I adore knitting socks….no matter what I happen to be knitting, there’s always at least two pairs of socks on needles in my basket. It’s the one project that I knit only for myself. If anyone else asks me to knit a pair of socks for them, I simply offer to teach them how to knit their own! πŸ™‚

  43. Sock knitting is great for travel due its size. Wearing hand knit socks is the best feeling EVER. Trying new patterns and stitches using so many choices of yarns and colors means socking knitting never gets old.

  44. Christine Cardenas

    I love to try different designs and techniques, and socks are perfect for that. They are easy to carry around while traveling, and knitting different designs keep me challenged, but if I make a mistake it’s small and easy to correct. Also, I love wearing hand knitted socks!

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