Monkeying Around

I’ve had my re-purposed sock monkey sitting at my desk asking to be given some features.

finished sock monkey 1

The past few nights my husband and I have been watching DVD or on-demand movies so I gathered a few things to give the monkey a little character.


After a few hours (and maybe a little too much wine), my monkey is complete. Of course it had to have a knitted skirt!


It’s a pretty good likeness, doncha think?

monkey selfie

Now I really do need to get back to work.


12 thoughts on “Monkeying Around”

  1. Barbara Keil RN

    I think that is very clever. My local knitting guild did a survey on who we would like to speak/teach a class. Your name was on the list. My friend and I voted for you. He to meet you some day!

  2. I love it when we can laugh at ourselves, very precious! You have such a great sense of humor.

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