Heading WAY South

It’s official — I’ll be heading down under in August to teach workshops in Australia! I can hardly contain my excitement.

I’ll teach August  21 (Toe-Up Socks) and 22 (Top-Down Sweaters) at Morris & Sons in Melbourne, then August 24 (Read Your Knitting and Fix Mistakes), 25 (Toe-Up Socks), and 26 (Top-Down Sweaters) at Morris & Sons in Sydney.

Then I teach for  the Knitters Guild of NSW August 27 (Socks and Any Gauge; Intro to Sweater Design), followed by their annual camp August 28 – 30 (Fixing Mistakes). From there, I’ll travel to Newcastle and teach Socks at Any Gauge, as well as Decorative Cast-Ons on September 1. Finally I’ll teach Socks at Any Gauge in Penrith on September 2.

I was in Sydney and Melbourne back in May when I taught on a Craft Cruise and I never thought I’d ever return. Now I’ll be back less than six months later. I’m definitely going back to see a performance at the Sydney Opera House when I’m there.

Sydney Opera House from harbor

Click here for a calendar of all of my upcoming workshops. I’ll update the calendar as events are scheduled.

10 thoughts on “Heading WAY South”

  1. Oh, have a great time, for yourself, and for those of us who would love to but who won’t be in Oz!

  2. I visited the Morris and Sons in Melbourne and they were great! I don’ think that you can go wrong anywhere in Australia everyone is so nice. Need to bone up on your metric system.
    Have fun.

  3. Been to the Sydney Opera House and saw Rigoletto performed. Simply fabulous!……the opera house and the opera.
    Have a wonderful time in Australia.

  4. Ann, I’m so happy for you, the trip sounds just wonderful. I am not interested in most travel but the two places I wanted to visit was Greece and the Greek Isle and Australia. Sadly my health is such that I know it will never happen but I will enjoy Australia through your eyes.

  5. Hi Ann, I was on the craft cruise in March and I believe I will be helping assist you in your classes at the guild. I was with my friend Joyce who is also is helping you. We could hardly believe that you were coming back to Australia after our wonderful time in NZ. We can’t wait to see you again

  6. Linda, this is great news! Nobody is more surprised than me that I got invited back. I look forward to seeing you and Joyce again!

  7. Hi Ann, I have signed up for your sock class in Melbourne and look forward to meeting you. I have three of your handy pattern books and refer to them all the time! I live in the inner city (Albert Park) and hope you really enjoy your time in Melbourne, if I can help at all please let me know. Safe travels, Tracey (colourmyworld on Ravelry)

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