Computer Woes

I need help and I hope one of you dear readers can supply it. I’ve come to the conclusion that the monitor on my computer is too bright, but I can’t figure out to adjust it.

My monitor is an Acer HDMI #H233H that plugs into my laptop.

Acer Monitor

It has setting buttons along the bottom right, one of which is “menu.” When I click on that button, a pop-up screen gives me all sorts of options for adjustments, one of which is brightness.

Acer Monitor Menu

The problem is that I can’t figure out to select the brightness option so I can make changes to it. I’ve spent at least an hour on the Internet and have been unsuccessful in finding help.

If any of you have experience with this monitor, I’d sure appreciate you help! The eyestrain is getting to me.

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  1. Hi Ann

    I have email you a PDF of the monitor manual but basically you…..

    1. Press the Menu Key to bring up the OSD (the page above in your post) which you know about
    2.In the picture see the arrows to the right of menu one or the other until the (I) in a circle first is highlighted in yellow just keep clicking the arrow till you are at the top one with a white square with yellow mountains & white sun. Now this the tricky part not sure from manual just pressing the right arrow takes you to the brightness or once you have highlighted the picture at the top and you then have to press the menu button again on the monitor? Shout if you need more assistance?

    D x

  2. Me again… try clicking the ‘arrows’ beside Acer eColor Management and/or try the Auto Config arrow – any of those take you to the next screen?

    I sent you a contact form email with some other steps.

  3. Thank you all! With your help, I figured it out and now my screen is at a reasonable “44” and my eyes are MUCH happier.

  4. Hey Miss Ann, Sorry, everyone in the South uses either Miss or Mr, and the first name when talking to folks. I’m glad all is well with the computer screen. It will drive you crazy when you forget stuff like that. I know from first hand experience. It always happens to me when the computer brains are out and about. Then Trial and Error are my tools. I don’t really recommend them, it will drive you to distraction, or you can’t form complete sentences with out tripping over you toungue! Don’t you love all these wonderful southern sayings! Well I’m off to see what damage I can do to a stuffed mouse that wears a dress!
    Have a great weekend! Happy Knitting, Ya’ll!

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