Re-Purposed Socks

On May 27, I posted a blog about my very many socks and asked whether or not I should take the time to mend the few that had holes. Your responses included mending them so I can wear them longer, throwing them out, saving them for a class on mending, giving them to someone else to mend, reclaiming the yarn, and re-purposing them into something else.

All of the socks were knitted with superwash wool, which doesn’t stand up well to dozens (maybe hundreds) of washings, so ripping them out is not an option. Also, I’ve worn them so much that I’d be uncomfortable giving them  to someone else to mend — they just don’t have the resilience of pure wool and would be a disappointment (but thanks for offering).

I decided to try to make my own sock monkey instead. Fortunately, one pair had a short-row heel and toe, which seem to be key for traditional sock monkeys.

Aided by a website on making sock monkeys, I got to work. Below if a photo of the socks I sacrificed. There is a hole near the side of the toe on one foot.

socks with holeAB

Following the instructions on the website, I used one sock for the body, marking for the  legs along the foot of the sock.

legs marked

I then sewed (with a machine), turned the sock inside out, and stuffed it to form the body. After taking this photo, I removed some of the stuffing so the stitches wouldn’t bulge so much.

body stuffed

I used the second sock for the arms, tail, ears, and mouth, according to the instructions, avoiding the hole as I cut.

pieces cut

After a bit of stuffing hand sewing, I had an original sock monkey.

finished sock monkey

It still needs a mouth and eyes, but for what it’s worth, I think this one is a lot less creepy than the grey/brown/red ones that I remember seeing as a kid.

12 thoughts on “Re-Purposed Socks”

  1. Karen Hutchinson

    Hmmmm mm. I’ve got a sock drawer similar to yours and a worderfull 1 year old great granddaughter. Looks like a sock monkey just might be in her future

  2. Your sock monkey is too cute‼️‼️ Great way to enjoy your handknit sox for a while longer. You can bet
    I’ll be looking in our sock draws for candidates. Thanks for the heads-up foor a monkey of my own❤️
    Hugs ‘n smiles

  3. Lucy Harrington

    Hmmm….your comment about superwash sock yarn made me pause; I’ve always been careful to buy superwash wool, thinking that the care needed by pure wool would be too time consuming. What are your thoughts about superwash vs non-superwash? (and especially the wearing aspects!)

  4. What a fantastic way to “memorialize” a pair of socks! and I agree- so much less creepy!!!!

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