Another Skirt

I recently assigned myself Ambassador of Knitted Skirts because I spend so much time sharing the glories of my most impressively comfortable handknitted skirts. I have two skirt patterns already availaible on Ravelry . One is called Putting on the Pleats.


The other is called Take-Two Skirt.

beauty photo from Joe Coca, cropped and enlarged

The difference between the two is the length and I added a slip-stitch pattern within the pleats of the Take-Two Skirt. Both were knitted with Wollmeise Pure (100% superwash wool), which, unfortunately, a little difficult to get.

I’m now working on my third version now to prove that any sock-weight yarn will work. For this version, I’m using Malabrigo Sock in #862 Piedras for a totally different look.

yarn choice

I’m knitting this version with plain stockinette-stitch pleats because the slip-stitch pattern would be distracting in the handdyed yarn. I’m planning it to be about the same length as the Take-Two Skirt. I wound each skein into two balls, then alternated two balls, round by round to help diffuse any color differences between the skeins.

Here’s a photo of me knitting on this third version while wearing the Take-Two Skirt and waiting for a flight to depart. The color is a bit off here — the skirt is a darker color overall.

about halfway

I’m now approaching the hem and hope to bind off in the next couple of days. It’s getting a little warm to wear right now, but I’ll be all set when autumn sets in!

approaching the hem

I know a lot of people worry about “butt bag” in knitted skirts, but that doesn’t happen if 100% wool is used, the skirt is knitted with negative ease from the waist to upper hips, and the pleats begin at the full hip circumference. If it were an issue, I’d simply add a lining.

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  1. Rhonda Croxson

    I love piedras (stones)! It is going to be a great skirt. I am still trying to finish the second baby sock from classon Australia cruise! Stuck on the heel, but determined to conquer! Then maybe on to the skirt patter

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