Mitered Stash Afghan

A New Pattern

Despite all odds, I managed to upload a new pattern to my website and Ravelry. It’s called Mitered Stash Afghan and is the combination of my own handspun alpaca, and handspun alpaca that I’ve collected from other handspinners.

beauty 14 final

I took a somewhat random approach to the blanket, using Vivian Hoxbro’s mitered garter-square technique and combined two sizes of squares for somewhat of a patchwork look. I think this would look great in any combination of yarns, so long as they are somewhat compatible in size. In fact, one of my hanspun yarns was fingering weight so I doubled it to better match the other worsted-weight yarns. The doubled strands make for slightly thicker squares, but you have to look (and feel) carefully to find them.

I encourage you to sort through your stash and make your own version. You could make it smaller by using sport or fingering weight yarn or larger by using bulky yarn. Or you can change the size by adding or subtracting squares. The pattern comes with a cartoon of the sequence of squares so you’ll be able to use it as a springboard for your own ideas.

To get you started, I’ll raffle off a free copy of the pattern. Just respond to this post and tell me what yarn you’d like to dig out of your stash. I’ll announce a winner Friday morning, June 5.

18 thoughts on “A New Pattern”

  1. I actually saw this pop on at Ravelry and put it in my Favorites. I right away thought of all the skeins of Natural fleece coloured years I’ve picked up here and there. I can usually only afford to get 1 skein, but when I receive the yarn and touch it for the first time I know that it was worth every cent and that I’d figure out what to do with all these skeins form here and there and from this Farm or that. And POP! it was right on my screen! It will be the perfect summer knit.

  2. Ann, It’s beautiful and cozy. I have a collection of cream, off white and ecru yarns which would look wonderful.

  3. This looks like such a great pattern for the balls of no-name DK-weight wool I bought from a yarn store when they were on sale:)

  4. Barbara Keil RN

    I saw this on Ravelry today. I admit I look there often. I noticed it right away. I have enou yarn in my “Yarn Room” to do it.

  5. Hmmm. Since my birthday is tomorrow this might be my lucky contest. Right now I have quite a bit of a blue/purple color wave that would be great. I think it might need a bit of bright yellow or orange to make it really pop

  6. With two cats in the house, both of whom have intact claws and *love* wool (rolling in it, kneading it, licking it with their little rough tongues), a beautiful handknit blanket wouldn’t last very long.
    I just wanted to say how beautiful that blanket is!

  7. I actually have a bag of yarn set aside for blanket of some sort, I just haven’t decided on a pattern. It started with skeins of Dale Heilo that decided they didn’t want to be a sweater after all, and has been added to, just waiting for me to have a “blanket phase”.

  8. Love this pattern, I do have various colors of Alpaca, that I keep purchasing, but never seem to find the right pattern, this might be it.

  9. Ann,
    What a fun throw.
    I have lots of Sublime DK left over. Would that work well?
    Louise McCabe

  10. I’d like to use up some of my sock yarn. I probably have enough for 50 pairs of socks, if not more. Most of it is variegated, so doubling it would make for very interesting squares.

  11. Wow, I bet that is one warm blanket!! I have lots of random yarn. My blanket would look a bit lumpy because I would try and use it all up!

  12. Just the pattern I need to make a blanket for my latest grandson that he can cuddle with for many years.

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