So Many Socks

All the rain we’ve been having has kept me inside. Yesterday, I decided to clean out my closet. I didn’t get far because I got hung up on my handknitted socks. Once I pulled them out of various nooks and crannies, I threw them on my bed and checked each pair for holes.

I have an astonishing 44 pairs of socks for everyday wear! (I have “gift” socks in a separate bin in the basement.)

socks May 27, 15

Of those 44 pairs, 36 are in good shape and are shown here neatly stacked in a bin. The 8 pairs in front need mending. I know how to mend socks and I’ve done it many times. The problem is that I don’t like doing it — I’d rather knit another pair. But can I throw away handknitted socks that could be mended? It seems so wasteful. On the other hand, I’d love to toss them out and relieve myself of guilt. I certainly have enough pairs in perfectly good shape.

What would you do?