Last, But Not Least

The Craft Cruise ended in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand, where I stayed a few days to regain my land legs and transition back to real life.

Auckland overviewAuckland overview 2

I was most impressed by Sky City, which is New Zealand’s answer to Seattle’s Space Needle, located right the middle of downtown.

It’s even more impressive close up. I got a neck ache looking up so high to take this photo.

Sky City Tower

For out final dinner, we ate in a restaurant on the 53rd floor to watch the sun set and lights go on across the city. But first we stopped on the observation deck, which had glass panels in the floors. I don’t recommend it if you’re afraid of heights.

Sky City view looking down

What’s most amazing is that people pay $280 to free fall from the 54th floor, secured only by what I hope are very strong cables and some sort of break system at the end.

Sky City jumper

I wonder if this guy’s mother knows what did.

The view from our table was breathtaking.

Sky City view of Auckland

And the food was spectacular!

Sky City dinner selection



4 thoughts on “Last, But Not Least”

  1. I am sad that I missed it all in person and I am grateful to you for sharing your journey with us. It looks like it was one amazing trip. Thank you Ann, for taking us with you! What a treat to see it through your eyes, and visit a place that we might not otherwise get to see!

  2. Beautiful. I love New Zealand. What a fantastic trip I’ve enjoyed reading your posts!

  3. Ann, Thanks for sharing your photos, I didn’t take many photos, I was too busy soaking in all the sights. It was a great trip. My favorite part was Sydney, but I spent more time, there.

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