My Great-Grandkids

When Son One decided to become a goat herder, I didn’t realize how fast the family would grow. My husband and I jokingly referred to his first generation of goats as our kids. This spring their kids had kids so we now have great-grandkids.

This is Cash (named for the Man in Black), with his mom Poppy in the background.


Here are Flatt and Scruggs (no idea where those names came from), offspring of Iris.

flatt and scruggs2

Cute, huh? Unfortunately, they’re all male so there will be no milk or cheese–just three more hungry mouths to feed. Not exactly sustainable.

More importantly, they’re Pygmy goats, not Cashmere. What was Son One thinking?!

9 thoughts on “My Great-Grandkids”

  1. Flatt and Scruggs, an American bluegrass band known for Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Good names for the great grand-kids!

  2. For years I prayed for grandchildren, I now have 4 under age of 3! If you are also praying you might want to specify exactly what kind of grandkid you want!

  3. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    I believe Flatt and Scruggs also did the theme from Beverly Hillbillies.

  4. Enjoy the grandkids. Best part is you get to send em home…! They are pretty cute though!

  5. Teresa Roberts

    I think your goat herder son likes his music. Cash, Flatt and Scruggs. You do need some girls to go with all those boys. Maybe Loretta Lynn. Etta James, Alison Krausse, Hazel Dickens. Keep the music theme going! I can’t wait to see where the generations lead. I grew up knowing all about Flatt and Scruggs in Western NC. If he needs more ideas just send me a note. Elvis and Brenda Lee could be a nice couple, Buddy Holly, Maybe your son can branch out into some fiber bearing animals for his sweet mom. :}

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