Fun in Houston

A couple of weeks ago I taught four days in Houston, Texas. The first two days I taught at Knitting in the Loop where I was surprised by a number of groupies.

Budd's Buds

These wonderful ladies are all self-proclaimed Ann Budd’s Buds and they weren’t ashamed to advertise it (but I admit to being a bit embarrassed by the attention).

They made a special shirt for me, lest there be any question who Ann Budd was:

Me in T-shirt

I spent the following two days teaching for the Knit At Night Guild (KANG), where I tried to be little more professional while sporting my Take-Two Skirt.

teaching in red skirt

I walked away with some beautiful yarn:

gift yarn

And a pair of socks knitted just for me! They are one of my favorite patterns, called Diagonal Rib Socks. I love them but I can’t help feeling like a spoiled brat!

socks made for me