A View of New Zealand

The Craft Cruise made stops along the east coast of both the South and North Islands of New Zealand, including Port Chalmers (Dunedin), Akaroa (Christchurch), Picton, Wellington, Napier, Tauranga (Rotoura), and finally, Auckland. I confess that I got a bit lazy when it came to taking photos and I don’t have any of Dunedin.

But I got out my camera in Christchurch when we were in transit to the Ashford Wheels and Looms factory. What beautiful scenery! Who wouldn’t want to live here forever?

scenery en route to Ashford Looms

Here is Richard Ashford himself guiding the tour of his factory.

Ashford tour 1 (Richard)

There were completed wheels and looms to look at, but I was more interested in the textures created by stacks of the parts. Here are the bases of wheel legs in production.

Ashford tour 2

And this is what they look like from the side.

Ashford tour 3

I also took photos of the wheels in production. A lot of finishing is required to turn those squares into smooth circles!

Ashford tour 4Ashford tour 5

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  1. What an amazing tour! It makes me want a new wheel! The beauty of the country is breathtaking and I can see why people love it there! Looks like you have been having the trip of a lifetime!

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