Opera Anyone?

The highlight of my stay in Sydney was visiting the Opera House. We got a view of it from a ferry. Although it was overcast and rainy, the structure was breathtaking.

Sydney Opera House from harbor

Some of us opted to take a tour, which highlighted the difficulties in creating the amazing architecture. Most was difficult to capture on my cell phone, but I did get an interesting photo of some concrete support beams.

Sydney Opera House structure

Most surprising to me was the exterior. I expected the white “shells” to be smooth. Instead, they’re made up of millions of 2″ tiles that make a stunning mosaic pattern.

Sydney Opera House tiles

After the tour, we had a light dinner at the Opera House cafe, then returned inside to see what I believe must be the most amazing production of Madame Butterfly ever! I managed to get a quick photo of the stage before the lights went out, the curtain lifted, and the audience was absolutely enthralled.

Madam Butterfly about to start