My New Favorite Skirt

Quite a while ago I posted a new pattern on my Ravelry site called Take-Two Skirt.

beauty photo from Joe Coca

Things were a little busy at the time so I never posted that the pattern was available. Still, an impressive 83 people have marked it as a “favorite.”

I named the skirt Take-Two because it was based on my first skirt pattern, Putting On The Pleats, which is also available through Ravelry.


But this time, I wanted a longer skirt with a little texture in the pleats. It’s knitted with Wollmeise Pure (sock weight) yarn at a gauge of 7.5 stitches to the inch. I added slip-stitch panels within the pleats to add a little textural interest.

pleat detail

This has now become my favorite skirt. In fact I was wearing it the night I broke my arm and I remember yelling at the nurses *not* to cut off my skirt — unfortunately they had to cut off my favorite sweater, but that’s another story.

Recently a reader asked to see a photo of the skirt on a real person instead of a dress form. I agree that it’s best to evaluate the fit when a garment is on a human body. So, I asked a friend to take a photo of me in the skirt shortly after I broke my arm.

Ann wearing skirt 1Ann wearing skirt 2

These aren’t very good photos (taken with my iPhone), but they do show the skirt on a “real” body. My upper torso is covered up to hide the sling and brace on my arm (and the ice pack) around my neck.

If you think you’d like to try your hand at a knitted skirt (and I think you should) , respond to this post and I’ll send a free pattern to a luck winner on Thursday, April 9.

For those of you afraid of getting a “bucket butt” after one or two wearings, fear not. I’ve worn this skirt at least a dozen times without washing it and I can’t tell the front from the back. It’s all about the yarn and gauge — use 100% wool yarn at a reasonably tight gauge and you’ll be fine.