The Trip of A Lifetime

Next week, I leave for to Sydney, Australia, to embark on my second Craft Cruise. I had so much fun on the cruise to Alaska in May that I begged to be allowed back. And it worked. The cruise is a 14-day excursion that has two stops in Australia–Sydney and Melbourne, then over to Hobart, Tasmania, then two days at sea to reach Milford Sound in New Zealand, followed by stops in Port Chalmers, Akaroa, Picton, Wellington, Napier, Tauranga, and finally ending in Auckland.

For my part, I’ll teach classes the four days that we spend entirely at sea, which all happen to be on the front end of the cruise. After that, I get to hang out with my new knitting friends and see a part of the world that has always been a mystery to me. Of course, we’ll tour the exquisite scenery, the Ashford Company, and see lots and lots of sheep and yarn shops.

I spent the day collecting what I hope is everything I need to pack for the classes–Top-Down Sweaters with Set-In Sleeves, Introduction to Sweater Design, Socks at any Gauge, Toe-Up Socks with a Wedge Toe and Round Heel, and Cast-On and Bind-Off Techniques. Altogether, it amounts to a fairly large pile of essentials that weighs a hefty 20 pounds.

Photo of class materials

There’s little chance that I’ll be able to fit it and my clothes in a single suitcase without going over the 50 pound limit, so I’ll have to deal with two bags. But it shouldn’t be a problem because the surgeon just told me I’m good to start strengthening exercises. Nothing like rolling suitcases to get me started!

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  1. Good for you Ann! i’ve admired your tenacity and positive thinking through your ordeal and wish you the very best on your trip. That part of the world is amazing and I’m so glad you will be able to make the trip. BON VOYAGE.

  2. Here’s my key for packing: wear almost everything on my body that I can, especially jackets, hats, and rain gear, heaviest hiking boots, etc. Then undress into a flexible bag and stow once on board plane. They limit to one carry ons and a small personal item, but they don’t limit what you can wear! My son found online a funky traveling hoodie that has blow up cushions built in for sleeping, and all sorts of pockets. So it doesn’t look like carryon luggage, but has pockets for a full week’s supply of clothing, snacks, music equipment, iPad, etc.
    Have fun. I wish I could take your knitting course and learn all those fun techniques from the Master!!

  3. Cheryl Whitmore

    You definitely deserve sunshine and blue skies, this will promote healing. I hope to take one of your classes some day.
    Hope you have a great trip.

  4. How exciting for you and oh how I envy you seeing that part of the world. I’m so glad your arm is all better and won’t hold you back on your trip, which sounds so perfect. Can hardly wait for your reports.

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