Curls — A Raffle

Hunter Hammersen began designing, almost by accident, in 2009, but it quickly became an obsession that turned into an enviable profession. Check out her delightful website is

Her first book Silk Roads debuted in 2011.Volumes I, II, and III of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet followed in 2012, 2013, and 2014, respectively. Along the way, she also published several individual patterns and smaller collections, including Rabble Rousers and Ne’er-Do-Well Knits.

Last fall her most recent book came out — Curls: Versatile, Wearable Wraps to Knit At Any Gauge.

Curls cover

Curls are marvelously flexible, wearable wraps that work with any yarn at any gauge and always turn out beautiful. You can choose to make them short for a cowl or keep going to make a scarf or shawl. The curved shape drapes beautifully around your neck and shoulders and  can be worn in lots of different ways, as demonstrated by the 14 patterns included in the book.

Curls photo gallery

Honestly, these images don’t do justice to Hunter’s ingenious designs (I blame my crummy scanner and lousy technical skills), but you can see them for yourself if you visit Pantsville Press, Hunter’s personal publishing company.

For undeserved reasons, Hunter credits me with helping to give her the courage to create an entire book out of these wonderfuly shaped neck pieces that are perfect stash-busters. She therefore sent me not one, but two (2) copies of the book so I could share one with my readers.

Respond to this post telling me what yarn you’d love to turn into a curl of your own. I’ll draw a name from the submissions on Saturday, March 7.

66 thoughts on “Curls — A Raffle”

  1. Hmmm, so many yarns in my stash that would be great for this! I have some wonderful hand-dyed laceweight from my trip to Montreal – I’m thinking that would be the first one to use! Thanks for the give-away!

  2. I know exactly which yarn. Last week at HCW’s retreat I bought a skien of Vice Yarns Brazen-DK color Family Jewels with a Curl in mind.

  3. Just received a box of Wollmeise from Germany yesterday. There was a beautiful piercing green skein in my grab bag. I think it would make a beautiful Curl.

  4. I have some lovely Tosh yarn in red robin that I would love to make into a shawl. I love working with Tosh yarn.

  5. Karen Hurchinson

    I love those patterns even if you think your photography isn’t the best. I’d like to try then with some of my hand spun silk alpaca yarn. They’d be gorgeous

  6. I took a class in dyeing from Cephalopod Yarn right before they closed. It really did match what I had in mind for a midnight blue with depth. Its a DK weight but I have been saving it for a shawl so it would be perfect as a Curl.

  7. I think KnitPicks Hawthorne Kettle Dyed would make a beautiful Curl 😀 also, any heathery lace yarn. Mmmmm.

  8. I’ve been wanting to dive into some sea silk and this seems like it would be the perfect project! Thank you for hosting the give away!

  9. Catherine Swearengen

    I have a lovely skein of lace weight yarn I bought years ago in a color that looks very much like the shawl in the upper right in the photo of the group of shawls. I would love to find a shawl pattern that would work with this.

  10. Pat (Alicesmom on Ravelry)

    I just finished spinning 100 gms/ 620 yards of silk, I have it laid out where I can see it while I knit. I am thinking of a wrap or scarf and want to use every inch of it. I am sure I would find something in CURLS that would make it shine.

  11. I spun about 300m of black and white alpaca last year. It would be amazing to use in one of these designs … it will give such drape.

  12. I hope you’re continuing to heal every day, Ann! Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I just bought some Juniper Moon yarn that is beautiful. I’m also thinking of a cashmere blend…, so many possibilities. Love these choices.
    Thank you

  13. I just bought some cashmere at the Vogue Knitting show in NY that would be lovely. It is red. These scarves remind me of the Hitchhiker’s scarf that I made and gave as a gift. Really like them.

  14. I’ve seen that book…….and to know you were a midwife to the delivery does not surprise me as you are responsible for being a catalyst so many great things! Maybe the random counter will draw me!

  15. I’ve been stashing several different lightweight yarns in Seahawks colors that would make beautiful Curls. I’d probably have to knit more than one!

  16. I would love to try the Blue Sky Alpaca for Curling. Looks Amazing. Thanks for posting!!

  17. I would love to turn a beautiful skein of Miss Babs Hand Dyed yarn into a soft cuddly curl around my neck

  18. I just rec’d some amazing alpaca that would make a lovely curl for my Bestie! I think she’d love it! It’s pure yumminess!

  19. dancingwoolymasters

    I have some lambswool from the Spring 2014 shearing that I’ve been saving for something special. I have been having quite the ball with a pot of madder root dye…and I have some silk fiber dyed in a pot of marigold petals that would overdye and go “electric.” Certainly, a fine handspun would be the right choice for a long soft curl!

  20. I have a gorgeous raspberry merino/silk blend from Ancient Arts yarns that would be absolutely fabulous as one of these shawls 🙂

  21. Simonetta by Louisa Harding, Tuhu by Mirasol and Ñuble by Araucania. A set of coordinating yarns that I got from Sister Arts in Chicago. I have been wanting to experiment with putting them together in a shawl, this may be my chance. Thanks

  22. I would use some Wollmeise pure or her DK. The colors would enhance the curl designs. Thank-you for this raffle.

  23. My daughter provided me with some lovely mohair yarn… this would be just a terrific use for it. Thanks much !!!

  24. Oops, I responded to the email instead of leaving a comment. I just swatched with Road to China Light and love the feel of this yarn. I could see it in one of these beautiful scarves.
    Thank you.

  25. I’d really like to put some Malabrigo sock yarn to work that I think would really show off the stitch patterns and feel lovely around my shoulders in the summer. PICK ME!! PICK ME!!!

  26. Christina Cox

    Somehow I ended up anonymous! Me, the one who never just blends in. Anonymous? Ha! I’d said I would like to use up my beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn, but I also have some drop dead gorgeous Artyarns silk blend that would be beautiful too! Shameless plug…Pick Me!

  27. The book looks amazing, I love wearing scarves and wraps, and have a stash to work from!!

  28. They’re all gorgeous, but my favourites are Argent and Gridelon. I have some alpaca begging to be knit up!

  29. “Any yarn at any gauge” has caught my attention
    It’s right up my alley
    Want to use my stash
    So Hunter’s book is written for knitters like me.
    Thanks for the chance for winning such a great idea book‼️
    Hugs ‘n smiles,

  30. I have some Wollmeise that I’ve been hoarding, er…saving for the right project. This would be it!

  31. I have some beautiful malabrigo worsted in hollyhock that would make a gorgeous curl!

  32. Hi Ann,
    Pam gave me a lovely skein of Cashmere for my birthday. Would love to try the one shawl, top right. What do you think?
    Hope the arm is doing well.

  33. Ann Trautmann

    A merino, silk, and cashmere blend, like Cashmere Queen, would drape beautifully, feel warm, and look gorgeous as a Curl!

  34. They are all so pretty and interesting. I think Pavonated would work well in one of my many rediscovered sock yarns that were reorganized recently.

  35. I have too many skeins of sock weight in luscious fibers and colors. Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Kirsten I’d love to use Quince and Company’s Yarn “Tern”! It would make some awesome “Curls” and of course I’d look great wearing it! LOL!

  37. I bought the book and the download for my computer although I have not made anything yet due to other projects (many) in the works the book is lovely and I do intend to make something soon. So you do not have enter me in the drawing for the book but should I win yarn would be nice, any DK weight would be fine. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Nancy Chamberlin

    Not sure which yarn, but it would be fun to experiment with the softest I could find!

  39. I’m looking forward to making a shawl out of Dragonfly Fibers Nautilace for my sons wedding in August.

  40. I have a stash of sock yarn that I would like to use. Spus and chloe fine would work well I think.

  41. felice rhiannon

    I knit very loosely. in fact my knitting friends have labelled me the “loosest knitter in brighton”…and there are lots of knitters here! I wear the title proudly.
    so, a book of patterns that can be knit in any yarn, at any gauge that you think are gorgeous is an ideal book for me. I’m on a stash-busting trajectory right now and have lots to choose from!
    many thanks,

  42. I would love to have this book. I fell on ice this week while on a business trip. When I ( finally ) get home, i’ll be confined to bedrest for several weeks –pelvic fracture. This looks like perfect revovery knitting!

  43. Therese Inverso

    I’d find yarn in my stash (on a cone) that I’ve been saving for just such a project. I love her ideas – like a progression upward from “old shale” (feather and fan).

  44. Hmm…I think I have a lovely, one-of-a-kind specialty hand dyed, blue-green merino/cashmere in my stash that was gifted from someone in my Saturday knitting group.

  45. I have some lace-weight cashmere that I’d love to turn into a shawl. The yarn is so wonderful, though, that I’ve been waiting for just the right pattern to use.

  46. Victoria Strange

    I have some beautiful hand-dyed wool yarn, as well as silk yarn, from La Lana Wools in Taos, New Mexico, which sadly went out of business a few years back. My sister took me on a trip to New Mexico for my 50th birthday and we spent a delightful afternoon in their charming shop when we stumbled upon it. I’ve finished some projects with their gorgeous yarns, but still have some in my stash. It’s special to me and I love the idea of being able to use it to craft a one-of-a-kind “curl.” Thank you for offering to give this book away!

  47. Catherine Cooke

    I think I would chose either Madeline tosh sock yarn or Quince linen depending on the season that seems appropriate. Catherine Cooke

  48. I am a relatively new knitter and would enjoy using comfy sport yarn to knit a warm, soft cowl or scarf!

  49. Susanne Scheurwater

    Oh that book looks yummy…what clever designs. Thanks for the chance to win!!

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