Curls — A Raffle

Hunter Hammersen began designing, almost by accident, in 2009, but it quickly became an obsession that turned into an enviable profession. Check out her delightful website is

Her first book Silk Roads debuted in 2011.Volumes I, II, and III of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet followed in 2012, 2013, and 2014, respectively. Along the way, she also published several individual patterns and smaller collections, including Rabble Rousers and Ne’er-Do-Well Knits.

Last fall her most recent book came out — Curls: Versatile, Wearable Wraps to Knit At Any Gauge.

Curls cover

Curls are marvelously flexible, wearable wraps that work with any yarn at any gauge and always turn out beautiful. You can choose to make them short for a cowl or keep going to make a scarf or shawl. The curved shape drapes beautifully around your neck and shoulders and  can be worn in lots of different ways, as demonstrated by the 14 patterns included in the book.

Curls photo gallery

Honestly, these images don’t do justice to Hunter’s ingenious designs (I blame my crummy scanner and lousy technical skills), but you can see them for yourself if you visit Pantsville Press, Hunter’s personal publishing company.

For undeserved reasons, Hunter credits me with helping to give her the courage to create an entire book out of these wonderfuly shaped neck pieces that are perfect stash-busters. She therefore sent me not one, but two (2) copies of the book so I could share one with my readers.

Respond to this post telling me what yarn you’d love to turn into a curl of your own. I’ll draw a name from the submissions on Saturday, March 7.