Back in the Saddle, Sort Of

Now that the staples are out of my arm and I’m not restricted to a sling, I’ve tried knitting again. I’ve been fearful that my gauge might change drastically so I did an experiment with a toe-up sock that I was in the process of knitting before my arm broke.

The black marker shows where I started knitting again. If you look close, you can see a slight change in texture at that point, but the gauge seems pretty consistent up to the holder.

back of sock in progress

The other side of the sock is worked in a k3, p1 rib and I really can’t tell a difference between the knitting below and above the marker.

Front of sock in progress

So, I think I’m on my way to working on projects that were in progress back in December. But it’s going to take a while–my arm tires out after about an hour.