All My Bags Are Packed

And I’m ready to go! Down south, that is. I leave for Sydney, Australia, today (a day before I had written it on my calendar so I’ve been a crazy woman tying up loose ends and getting packed in time). I’ve managed to fit everything in three bags–two carry-ons and one to check. Fortunately, the red carry-on is packed with class materials that will be distributed among the students, leaving lots of space for yarn and souvenirs!

Packed bags

The doctor has given me the go-ahead to pull a suitcase with my left arm or I’d be in a whole lot of trouble!

I don’t know what kind of internet service I’ll have while I’m half a world away, but I’ll do my best to post a blog about my adventures if I can.

13 thoughts on “All My Bags Are Packed”

  1. You certainly deserve this trip after the last few months. Enjoy, but don’t overwork the arm. Have fun.

  2. Have a wonderful trip. I went to Austrailia and New Zealand last spring, and fell in love with the people and the scenery.

  3. Dear Ann, We’re delighted to have you visiting NZ! Hope you enjoy the Milford Sound and the rest of the counrty.

  4. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    Have a wonderful time! You’ll be there in fall weather, so nice sweater weather. Be safe!

  5. OMG !!! This is terrific, Ann. Happy to hear recovery is far enough along to travel. Just take care and don’t take on too much at one time. Our Thoughts will be with you on your travels and visit.
    have Fun !!!
    hugs ‘n smiles

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