Two Goat Herder Socks

I finished the second sock for my goat-herder son Friday night, with about 12 hours to spare before he arrived home for the holidays.

Alex both socks

But do you see the small butterfly of yarn? That’s all that was left of the 100-gram skein. I was sweating the last few inches of the second sock, afraid that I’d run out of yarn. I kept knitting faster and faster, with the misguided idea that the faster I knitted, the longer the yarn would last. Who knows, maybe it worked!

11 thoughts on “Two Goat Herder Socks”

  1. I want to be as fast a knitter as you when I grow up! Job well done! I am sure he will love them!
    Merry Christmas Ann!

  2. Hey. Ann, Natalie from Utah. I’ve enjoyed your posts about the sock. Congratulations you made it. Merry Christmas.

  3. The socks look great! I tried your candied nuts and they turned out great. They seem to be slowly disappearing. Merry Christmas.

  4. Barb K. Very nice. I have sweat out many projects with what I thought was not enough yarn myself. Happy holidays.

  5. haha!! i have sweated too with only a few inches of yarn to spare! too funny that speeding up thing we do! they are handsome socks. call them “11th hour socks”? 😉 merry christmas!

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