One Goat-Herder Sock

I finished the first sock for my goat-herder son.

Alex first sock completed

I have two days to knit the second, which will be a little tight since one of his brothers arrived home last night and the other arrives this afternoon.

I do wish I had learned to knit in my sleep.

5 thoughts on “One Goat-Herder Sock”

  1. Think how productive we would be if we could knit in our sleep, I like the sock,

    Barb k Rochester NY

  2. Oh what I could accomplish if only I could knit in my sleep……I knit in my dreams all the time and wake up and my projects still look the same and when I laid down to rest…. LOL

    I imagine that he will love the socks. What a dedicated mom you are to get them finished for the holidays!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Sock is beautiful! I would have to tell my son not to wear it when he is herding the goats! I wish I could knit in my sleep too.

  4. It shouldn’t be a problem that your boys are home, I’m sure they have seen you talk and knit before! You will get it done.

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