Finished Cowl

This weekend we had dinner with Vicki, who has started chemo for breast cancer. She was delighted with the cowl I knitted out of mink yarn (the pattern is called Stratosphere) — it seems that Vicki is very sensitive to drafts against the back of her neck, below where hats typically reach.

Vicki's Cowl 1


Other than losing her hair, Vicki said that the first treatment wasn’t too bad. Today, she’s having the second of four treatments. Here’s hoping she bounces back just as quickly!


4 thoughts on “Finished Cowl”

  1. The cowl is beautiful and I am sure that she thoroughly appreciates it. Will continue to hold positive thoughts for her.

  2. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    Prayers for Vicki. I, too, lost my hair from chemo for a different cancer and I decided I like it short now that I’m in complete remission (yay!). And those drafts on the back of the neck make your whole body cold! Such a lovely way to keep it warm!

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