Remembering Bonnie

Last week my dear friend Bonnie died of stomach cancer. I first met Bonnie about five years ago when I led a knit-along at a local yarn shop. That knit-along turned into a knitting group that has met every Saturday morning since, and Bonnie was a cornerstone of that group. Please indulge me while I take a few minutes to remember the things that I admired about Bonnie.

1. Bonnie was fiercely truthful and couldn’t abide dishonesty.

2. Bonnie never met a knitter she didn’t like; I suspect that she never met a politician that she did like.

3. Bonnie was true to herself; she didn’t waste time trying to please other people.

4. Bonnie had wit, especially when it came to life’s absurdities; when she was on a roll, I’d laugh until I cried.

5. Bonnie had boundless energy wrapped up in a 5-foot-2-inch frame. Her mind was so far ahead of her words that she’d start a new sentences before finishing the previous one.

5. Bonnie loved yarn and she couldn’t pass up a bargain. Her “stash” included more balls of yarn (all bought at a discount) than I’ve seen in many yarn shops. Here is a photo of Bonnie’s living room. The rest of her house looked exactly the same — there was just enough space to walk between stacks of bins of yarn.

bonnie's livingroom

6. Bonnie was a talented artist. She spent her career editing fine art books for a New York City publisher, teaching painting workshops, and painting landscapes and portraits. I’m grateful to own several of her pieces, my favorite of which is a pastel that has a place of honor in our living room.

Bonnie pastel

Bonnie was adamant that she didn’t want any sort of memorial service. But I can’t let her passing go unremarked. My Saturdays will never be the same.

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  1. So sorry to hear of the loss of a good friend. I’m glad you shared your memories. Friends are such an incredible gift, and you were lucky to be gifted with her. May all of your memories of her sustain you while you process your loss. Blessings to you, Ann.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your friend! It is rare to have a friendship so dear, you are one blessed lady. I think that it is wonderful how she will live on through not only her fiber arts and paintings, also through the beautiful memories that you hold so dear in your heart. Sounds like she lived her life to the fullest and is an example that we all could follow. My thoughts are with you dear Ann.

  3. I too am sorry for your loss and wish you comfort/
    The photos were amazing and I was touched by your words.

  4. Dear Ann, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend.
    I hope that when you look at the pastel, you will remember all the fun times you had together. You were very blessed to have such a friend and while there is a hole in your heart right now, soon it will be a place of comfort when you remember your Saturday mornings together.

  5. Ann, I’m truly sorry about the loss of your special friend. Although I had never met her I somehow feel that I knew her because of your special tribute. She sounds like someone l would love to sit and have a cup of coffee with while discussing our stash.

  6. I’m so sorry you lost such a wonderful friend. Nowadays that is a treasure, a good friend is hard to find. May your memories keep her alive in your heart.

  7. Dear Ann,
    I always enjoy your posts but this one gave me pause. Such nice words to remember your friend with. We’ve all known someone or wished we had a “fiercely truthful” friend. Your life has been blessed by your friend. May your memories of her carry you forward. I mean absolutely no disrepect by mentioning this here but I have no other means to get in touch. Remember my Mom’s charity knit group, Knitchicks for Charity, that you so graciously allowed to use your pattern? Looking at Bonnie’s stash makes me wonder if her family has any plans for donating some of the yarn. If so, in their time, if they would consider my mom’s group for some of the yarn. My mom’s group, now called “Knitchicks for New Moms” has about 15 members who now knit and crochet exclusively for an organization in Chicago called New Moms ( New Moms provides housing and support services for underpriviledged and at-risk moms and their young children in the inner city. If this is something you think Bonnie’s family may be interested in, please have them contact me at or 847-705-0973 or 443 E. Cunningham Drive, Palatine, IL 60074. Thank you so very much for your generosity in the past and for considering this request. Warm Thanksgiving blessings to you, your family and Bonnie’s family.
    Wendy Amato

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