Goat Herder “in Situ”

Last weekend my husband and I visited our oldest son, who lives in southern Oregon. It was the first time we saw him on his own turf, where he and two friends raise goats and chickens and take action against social injustice.

Here he is with some of his goats (we call them our grandkids). You might recognize the sweater he’s wearing — it’s the original Goat Herder Pullover. He’s also wearing a hat I knitted out of handspun yarn and, though you can’t see it, he’s wearing socks that I knitted him too!

Alex with goats

It’s gratifying to know that he likes what I knit!

6 thoughts on “Goat Herder “in Situ””

  1. So wonderful that he’s imbibing in all of the knits you created for him! My question is, what type of action against social justice? Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, thank you so much for this blog, I enjoy it immensely!


  2. Congratulations on the “grandkids”! How fun it is to see our children in their own environments, successful and thriving adults. Can’t ask for more than that. Looks like you had a wonderful visit! Seeing this sweater again reminds me that I need to get measurements for my sons so that I can put the yarn I got for their Goat Herder sweaters on the needles.
    Have a wonderful and blessed holiday with your family!

  3. Small world! I’m a goat herder too. We raise Nigerian Dwarf and Mini-Manchas in South Carolina. I started crocheting in the fall of 2011 and attempted to learn to knit a few times but finally got it figured out in the fall of 2012. I’m considering fiber animals now. We have 1 Alpaca right now. Cool to see some other goats on here. 🙂

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