Chemo Cowl

My friend Vicki recently had a double mastectomy and is scheduled to begin chemo right after Thanksgiving (she said she didn’t want her hair falling out while she was cooking the big feast).

To help her keep warm, I’ve decided to knit a cowl. This isn’t just any cowl, it’s called Stratosphere and is designed by Katherine Leek, who manages Twisted in Portland, Oregon.

First few inches

I met Kat on the Craft Cruise trip to Alaska in May. She and her mother took the cruise together and made me wish I could have done something similar with my mother. It was chilly in Alaska and Kat wore this cowl. I loved it. She recently reworked the pattern for fingering and laceweight yarn and sent me the instructions.

Now I’m happy to knit one for Vicki out of 100% mink yarn that I bought in Alaska.

Don’t you just love how things come together?

5 thoughts on “Chemo Cowl”

  1. What a great friend you are! Knitting a gift for someone is making sure they have a warm hug whenever they need one, and a part of you will always be with her, what a beautiful thing to do! I’m sending warm thoughts and prayers Vicki’s way. May she have a speedy recovery.

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