Walking a Sleeve

After casting on and knitting the first row, which usually takes a little more attention than other rows, I’ve only knitted on the sleeve of my Garter Jacket while walking on the treadmill.

My treadmill has a digital clock that allows two digits for the minutes and two digits for the seconds. As I was walking along I got to wondering what would happen when the two digits for the minutes had to cross over to three–that is, going from 99 mintues, 59 seconds, to 100 minutes, 00 seconds. I couldn’t help myself — I walked until the fateful moment happened.

This treadmill must suffer from Y2K limitations–it completely shut down when the clock turned to 100 mintues.

second sleeve nearly to armhole

The marker denotes my last increase row. I’m increasing every 8th garter ridge, which makes it very easy to keep track of, even when I’m walking.

3 thoughts on “Walking a Sleeve”

  1. My old treadmill did the same thing ! I thought it was broken.
    I’ve knit whole garter blankets (E.Z.) while walking on a treadmill b/c I could drape it on the console.
    Lisaj/Loopology at ravelry

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