First Sleeve Down

While watching a few episodes of Doc Martin series 5, I finished the first sleeve of my Garter Lace Jacket. For a garter-stitch gauge of 6 stitches/inch, the pieces of this sweater have worked up surprisingly quickly.

first sleeve completed

The marker denotes the last row before I started the armhole bind-offs. I’ll keep it in place until I’ve knitted the second sleeve the same number of rows. That way I’ll be certain that they’re the same length.

3 thoughts on “First Sleeve Down”

  1. I hope to make my husband a sweater for Christmas. I’ll make a note of placing the stitch marker. Thank you for the tip.

  2. Ann, apologies if you have addressed this already…what do you use for your selvedge stitch when your fabric is done in garter stich? I plan on making a set-in-sleeve garter stich sweater like you are doing. I want to be sure the sleeve seams in nicely.

    Love (virtually) following you along on this sweater! Can hardly wait to see it completed. Great idea knitting on the treadmill too! You are an example for us all!

  3. Sorry for the late reply — I only just saw your comment.
    For a garter-stitch fabric, you just work the selvedge stitch in garter stitch as well. When it comes time to seam, simply work the selvedge stitch into the seam allowance.

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